хоп-механика (hop mechanics) oxxxymiron lyrics english

агент (agent) oxxxymiron lyrics english

[Verse 1]
One procurator hinted that I was an agent
My British curator laughed for a long time in response

He Negro slang for special operations conspiracy
Sets on a pirate radio plus a Jamaican accent

as clear as day: here involved the State Department
UK Drill poisons our native Russian Trap

Hire ran across, here MC Birobidzhan

Iskra-spark of rebellion from abroad

Repchik went from STDK to SBPCh
Crying late, like about the GULAG in the ECHR

Evolve – or die like the Emergency CommitteeTo
dancing with a naked torso in the sixty – RHCP

Where is the Order of Merit from the British agents?

My diploma is so bad I could become Minister of Culture
For so many years I’ve been instilling in pussies: learning is light More efficient than
officials and libraries

In short, it’s all about the benefits of alliterations
Outside of political orientation, in fact, grammar-nazi

Sapiosexual; your IQ – OMON

Swipe Tinder to the right, there is an entry in the local Q Anon, know J.Lo
– stupidly in the trash can, take Uma Thurman
There is no milf sexier than Ekaterina Shulman

ASMR phrase “palace coup”
I came back twenty years later as an exemplary patriot
But still for them I

Foreign agent
I hear
Foreign agent
All together
Foreign agent

Bulletproof argument
Anyway for them you
Foreign agent
Didn’t know? You are a

Foreign Agent
Foreign Agent is here:
Diploma, medal and compliment

[Verse 2]
I brought guests with them
they listen to my room
smiling at the current tick
wake up in alarm

Knock-knock: the federal wanted list, bitch
I dreamed that I was spying impute
Because I often change my passport than Thomas Kinyaev
And I build a teleconference for them, like I’m a young Posner

Oaks flies on beats like a fucking macaroni monster
Rappers: foil hats
Rhymes are so rare, what the fuck are you, Gennady Aygi?

Fashion kings are hand-fed

Creative outfit, commerce inside
It’s a spy detective, recruiting, Kat, Borman
Long beeps – the secret is sold, the gate is up.

Look around: there are enemies around, this is a mole, there is a sex from the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs will ask for my call sign: Agent Borat, 7:40
All in chorus: Foreign agent

Mission: Impossible
A portrait is smiling, this is an ominous valley
The crack in the picture, the patched tablets
After all, the agent is running the show
But it is unclear which power, obviously

Foreign agent
There has always been a
Foreign agent
He is definitely a

Foreign agent
Conducting a colonial experiment
Che, let’s see who is here
Foreign agent

In uniform
Foreign agent
From screens
Foreign agent

In a normal way, obviously neither bae nor mae
Because for them I am a
Foreign agent
I hear

Foreign agent
All together
Foreign agent
Gentlemen extend the subscription
Because for them you are a
Foreign agent.

Didn’t know? You are a
Foreign agent
foreign agent is here
If not guarded and not a cop


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