хоп-механика (hop mechanics) oxxxymiron lyrics english

Yeah, yeah (Moor)

You are not the icing on the cake, fairy tale, do not praise Count ruins
left from the cream of society Can’t you see the logic? I see you’re new here. So what? You are already under the hood, like an astrologer, and in October I knew during the mixing of Tsunami As a returning Chechen that my teip

was just around the corner, you were rushing to simplify, and I was complicating everything And I thought that synth-pop was a gypsy priest Hey, I’m ready , wollte den totalen Krieg dog does not eat dog, so the wink-wink, bitch Someday in heaven sunset picnic Left eye of TLC, Fetty Wap and Rick Slick , one tweet

All schoolchildren study Genius
I’m in rap for the Fritzes, like Zinaida’s husband Gippius You
borrow images, they say, homage is all

But you don’t have your own sauce, even smear yourself
First, the chain needs to shine, and
Then the security, so that it won’t be removed from you, and

Then the guard from protection
roof feds and that all each other has not shot the
Wild tastes with serfdom, in the garbage of their
Back to the roots – to my African beads

can violently angry
I rapper, my whole life – it’s a cultural appropriation of
rap like sex, can be gentle before and after
But while you fuck hard, as if you are driving nails in her house He was

healed, became fucked up spiritual
But for posers, the Antichrist is also Omen according to the horoscope
And I, Marcel Duchamp, I piss all

You are not the fountain, behind the bar bar, Mr. Rubinstein
not drink brotherhood for profitable gesheft
you in a circle blew Ivan Kruzenshtern

you alive like Rosenkranz, hey, intact as a Guildenstern, hey
rap like Rosenbaum, hey, fresh as Frankenstein
My rapper is the Bundestag, everything is purely nicht verstehen, hey
Profile – Mandelstam, hey, in a personal – MORGENSHTERN

With unheard voices, litter
Your opinion is very important to us, they will call you back
Hit parades mumble their nonsense further
I return rhymes and punchy in Rhymes and Punches

First, everything is on the floor, so as not to fade, and
Then pockets, iPhone, so that they do not take off, but
Then do not let the lawyer in, plant the goods

So that the dummy attesting witnesses do not yawn, but
A and B, sitting on the media needle,
Received a salary from the AP for individual entrepreneurs
Who is outdated, let’s see at the beginning of the 32nd
I am returning the word “village” to the word Barcelona, ​​bitch

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