владыка lord ghostemane & scarlxrd lyrics english

[Verse 1: Scarlxrd]
God, I ain’t got no time for conversations with your God
This is humiliation, always trippin’, it’s a fact

I don’t want liberations, it’s the trade that we should rot
Scar beside the phrases, swear to God, I’m ready now
I’m gonna focus on me, told your ho on a street

I’m in full control of the speed
Let a scar and a bitch will fall of force they cheap
Flex on me, flex on, flex on me

All of you dumbs will faint through last of faint
Rather catch pain or break from fades

[Verse 2: Ghostemane]
What you get when you mess with the best
Say less, matter fact, take a guess

Either way, either way, I left with the rest
Won’t forget when you tried to give me the kiss of death
2017, tried to make me sign to [?]

Now you motherfuckers couldn’t catch up if I stopped to rest
That’s a lot, but we needed almost suit it up
Tryna get to wake except you think you help create

[Verse 3: Scarlxrd]
Bullet suppressor on me, I’m a squish that
I landed enough of my time, and I wish that

Killed myself so many times in the past
But press don’t know,I have a solo mission
Ayy-ayy, Benz and a bitch get’s bad

No one ever [?] in my face
[?] place
[?] fakes

[Verse 4: Ghostemane]
Didn’t know what I’m on, and it worked
When we really got it, we made you diminish on left feet

Finished it and generated hate or love
That separated them all [?] Crowley, created
Turned in and I told you the same

My song is just keeping the pain, to the fate
To the gate, don’t decade ain’t your name
The same as love not the same

[Outro: Scarlxrd & Ghostemane]
What the fuck? Let him alone
One by one goes not like them

Re-re-ready for a wack with the old bat
He put your foot on the gas, see you fight it

[?] one thing I find about doing that shit [?]

Put your mother right now, will warn [?]
Say something, say anything
Pick your poison, drink your poison


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