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[Intro: Oxxxymiron]
“Even if you lose a battle, it doesn’t mean shit. I lost a battle this summer: five-nil – according to the judges, you know? Umm … But it only propelled me to— to more success because I accepted loss, I did well, I didn’t forget my bars – never did, you know? Umm … “

10 years later, and I read the diss again (Boom)
Dancing on the bones, someone compromises
Then he whines, and I’m still waiting, when every artist already

What starred in the film “BEEF” will repent publicly and online (Huh?)
Husky and Noize MC, Scryptonite and the Casta group (A?)
is seen blackmail victim in compromising Roma sea (ee)

were all on the posters, although fuck me (fuck)
I’m from the underground through the TV screen and in the underground
all the shit on the Battle rap, and restaurateurs – asshole (Fuck fuck)

Sanochek, fucking go, you no not my brother
Sebis back to Twitch, fucking whip with Sosed TV
is seen in armeyke received a stool for head

Oksana in class again puhane victims applause
You are 10 years of sucking, and now gave us recognition
Okay, Respect, I see only baseness and cowardice
The cart came sultry “Toxic Friends

Fuck Schokk`a, he is a moron, Zhigan, call me, let’s talk”
New masculinity, no bro, you sacrificed
again Again to earn points, it’s a sultry striptease
They bought it because you gave out hysterical tears

All the same cry while you’re there fucked youngsters
you read to us, as you with his wife in a one-room cell closely
Honestly, in ahue with people, the memory of how chickens
This is not a diss, and viktimbleyming, still on huyam

How are you there apologizing ? For whom is the Cleaver from the Pit crying? (Huh?) I
gave a girl that is only five years older than your injury.
Chief MC of Russia, the embodiment of the
Whining era , terpily, here are our heroes

Where is the content, bro? I see the old calico
God, gentlemen, how Oksimiron suffered
First London, poverty, then the bream, betrayed himself
In everything, as always, only an aggressive environment is guilty

But I will never surrender, red death in the world
When you die, I will cut my veins to fuck you in hell
10 years without daring to pronounce the name of Schokk in vain
Now I woke up, wrote it down in SHUE, right on the eve of the battle

. And you fell under the distribution
After all, I only touched the style when I sent the fuck Casta (Fuck Casta)
Schokk – stupid, I didn’t understand, you can’t touch your family!
“Your mother lets everyone through like a doorframe” ( Yeah, ho )

Pretending that this brotherhood, for me it’s slutty
Right now, for some reason, to confess everything Mmm
, what kind of calculating Hobbit?
Schokk defeated the dragon and the princess is free again (Hooray)

“I closed the topic a long time ago”, – in the view Dima says
What does he hear in response? That he is a complete psycho
“He fucked up in the end, since he wanted to write a statement”
Fooled, fucker? Are you like a fucking kid? (What?)

At the rallies, then you drown the blasphemy for the law?
The frame was drawn, denied – Myron was
afraid of Dudya for 10 years, but now he forgave everyone
I also hope that he cooled my ardor

I sang the feat of Terpil, 10 years on my knees
Suddenly they became a triumph of will, at the behest of pike
Yes, I don’t give a fuck, I’m yours everyone, bitch, monetize breath

You rock the battle – I annihilated you
On Schokk’s victory you will make capital
There is no bazaar , the Jew has outplayed everyone and everything again (Jew knew)
But I fucked this marketing if you hear my verse

You will be Oxy-Moses , in therapy for all 40
years.This is a trauma, you are a cunning hypocritical pizdabol (Fuck you)
I built everything like this: that once I fucked it on the floor, and then all the shoals are the consequences of
Gondon, then on the battle I said about your Stockholm syndrome (Pou)

And I did not read about bream, manipulator, how cute
Now he admitted that he was a bed of romance
Now he is a champion, clever, well done.
I fucked you on the battle, but this is not the end.

Who killed Mark? The district dude
Returned to her twitter, everyone felt sorry for her
Fucked-up mother rotting in your closet
In the victim’s skin, you are at home, so you are not Vagabund, poo ( Yeah, ho )

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