Легенда (Legend) Barius lyrics english

Легенда (Legend) Barius lyrics english

[Lyrics of the song “Legend”]

Legacy production

Not so much time guy (s)
But it doesn’t hover us (no)
We slide right through here to
become a legend for everyone ( ooh )

So little time guy (f)
But this does not hover us (no, no, no)
With me all mine
We will be the first ( ooh )

I worked the day while smoking blunt Take
all the cash
Like robbing a bank
My bae shines like a diamond (I, I, I) I work

all day,
I work nonstop We have a secret here
Do not fall to my headquarters
She is smarter than everyone she does not need a papi

Open doors, build fame
But nobody believes
I am upstairs yes I need a gelding
Lets get it, lets get it every day of the week (shke)

I don’t need cash
To do this damn style (shti)
Saint Peter’s City
Saint-P with me

Not uvyaznu in the heat (no)
Put a mark on the map (ho)
to me B, but not Cardi (B)
The boy rockstar Jeff Hardy (e)

Cash on the table (ho)
I need cash on the table (cash, cash)
It’s all shout at one hundred (aha)
Hey guy say no more (say no more)

Yes, no one
fills me (no) On a horse like rari (shke)
Yes, I make a bet (e)
And no one knows me (no, no, no)

No one knew, but I’m a black player (black player)
My style is in me (my style in me)
Pali result

The first year, here I am for a long time, for sure, God will give strength (strength)
Everyone will come here, not everyone will be able to take it out (strength)
It will be so that everyone will eventually say this style (style)
Boy, I have to go, know this game for life

Not enough so half-time guy (s)
But we do not soar it (no)
We are how many there are all through and through to
become a legend for everyone (ooh)

Not enough halftime guy (s)
But we do not hover this (no, no, no)
With me everything mine
We will be the first

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