по крышам (over the roofs) og buda & feduk lyrics english

[Intro: FEDUK]
Behind fifteen, I’m thirty
Happy faces in my memory
Native tha family, but it was not born in it
And I dream of it
On my shoulder A chain bridge as a memory
From this bridge I will throw a stone
Together with it tears fell
Into the rivers that they called the Danube
I, I

[Verse 1: FEDUK, FEDUK & OG Buda ]
This is my personal retrospective
The streets are frozen and I’m with them The
hands on the clock slowly floated back
Change of scenery, did they kill me?
Loaders carry away part of the street
People are getting younger, the Earth is spinning before our eyes

But why in the wrong direction?
I see myself in the reflection of a newer one
Now the stopwatch is like a timer
I’m looking for a moment to solve this mystery
Cause everything that’s going on right now
Just doesn’t make any sense to me

[Verse 2: OG Buda]
Yeah, I still have the same motherfuckers Gopnik (Gang)
It’s me in the Fred Perry polo, but you don’t remember this (Nah)
The soul of the company, but I drive alone in the room (Damn)
Actin’ cheap don’t mean save (Nah)
Youngsters fuck style, where’s my royalties?

Bro yelled for gang and fam, where’s your loyalty? (Huh?)
My idol fucked up style, where the fuck is your ability? (Pf-f)
I couldn’t finish listening to the album “Black Economy” (E)
Yes, codeine, there used to be Khamovniki(Woah)
More and more often driven and sad about my age

Just saying facts (Facts), even without pride
But I’m number one when it comes to creativity
Plus my friendship with Fedya as an example of strength (Ay)
Plus I’m just a goat if as a person (ay)
Mama says money changed me But it’s not about the money ,
fuck, it’s about the amount of money

Studio in the center, Moscow is noisy outside the window (Hey)
But this noise fills the rhythmic pattern

[Bridge: OG Buda & FEDUK ]
March 1st stable BRM-spring
Haven’t seen Vagner for a long time, Fast’a for a long time
From the old school to the new me – something like a bridge And this joint with Fedya

– something like a toast ] On the roofs you can see here If right now someone does not like the cold at home I see on the roofs: this is my city breathing This is my city breathing, this is my city breathing Y-e [Chorus: FEDUK] You can see on the roofs here If someone is right now doesn’t like cold at home— I see it on the roofs: this is my city breathing This is my city breathing, this is my city breathing [Outro: FEDUK] Ah-ah-ah -ah-ah

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