13 balles 13 organisé lyrics english

13 balles 13 organisé lyrics english

[Verse 1: Kofs]
I passed the ring to Tchikita, two months later, I already left her
So p ‘ tit bastard, did you think I was going to do the same verse? (eh)
I was in debt at the time, today, I’m in TT (eh)
There, I’m in trouble, the police want my skin, they investigated

Push you, I’m going to bust it hard, I fuck everything, I don’t even make an effort
Cover yourself, darling, we can see your shapes, at Air-Bel, they tell me: “Fat, wAllah, you are strong”
Don’t worry, I have friends who amaze you, don’t quit, I have Oussagaza in double call
A braco, a balance, a deposit ‘, eh beh no, there is no point in appealing

[Verse 2: MOH]
The J is Gold and Platinum, we want the DB11, Aston Martin
If you speak badly, homie, that’s toast you, we want the Latin bombshell and the platinum blonde (DJ)
Y has the caps, there are the outlines, there are the boastful, there are the vultures, there are the raptors, there are the rtfou

There are the four-strokes, there are the six strokes, there are the AKs, there are the cuts -cut (han)
Generation Goldorak (han), sawn barrel under the anorak (han han)
Marseille, it’s Pandora, knee in the chest, we are hard and voracious (han)
Are you playing the fool? Beh yeah, we have the millimeter under the K-way
Past midnight, all lewé, only vatos locos, beh yeah

[Verse 3: 100 Blaze]
We are calibrated, you are playing the pot, who validated you? You’re just a tafiole
That Marseillais, at my place, there are no puppets, we got you down, you cavort (oh, brr)
I’m stuck in the sector, I’ll turn you off, if you’ve talked to the inspector (oh, oh)
Bastards who turn towards you, we have

money , we buy everything that you rent In the city, there are the fellows and the men who will rise early in the morning only for collect the sums
We saw you when you told your life story, when you rode your race to avoid being knocked out
Real guys, we are not afraid of anyone, we are every day at tieks, We never saw you in the zone (zone, zone)
It’s grams that I pass for tons, will have to assume when you see the tum-tum-tum unload

[Verse 4: JuL]
My buddy, you’ve changed, frankly, I don’t know who you are.
Me, I would have kept Karim Benz ‘if I were Didier
There are crosses, there are quads, there are the crimes, there are the cash registers that are crying
Y has the cream, there is the chrome

Y has the cry-cry-crisis, people who have become bi-bi-bizz ‘No
more life, no vice, you are my son , stop doing the wholesaler, afterwards, you go look for my 06
Me, I don’t do that to please the ‘ssistes, hasta la vista, it goes up to La Viste
Say hello, there’s the COVID (ouh)

You are a traitor, you no longer get into the car (ouh)
I’m in my madness, it’s for Rachida, Fatou and Pauline
Stolen car, balaclava, weapons from Serbia, Montenegro
In my clique, there are Mahbouls, whites, Arabs and niggas
Wesh then, my hen, all familia, I make the ball, too many people who scratch my balls (balls, balls)

[Chorus: 100 Blaze & [?]]
13 bullets in the barrel, we’re going to traumatize them
You can tag us but you can’t locate us
In 13 Organized, it’s hot, don’t ask who it is
By the way, we’ll get you do not calculate, guys, do not feel targeted

[Verse 5: Naps]
I’m in 13 with my Tchikita (ok)
I’m taking an embers, it falls from my firecracker (eh)
I’m a Marseillais, yeah, I’m just a kid from the tier-quar (han) I
didn’t count the hours, I wrote in the evening (ouh)

And when I spoke to you, you gave me the blow of the tunnel (ouh, ouh)
You killed me, zarma not even you call back
I’m going in showcase, I go out in sweatpants’ Hummel
Zarma t ‘re hot, zarma always you mix (haha, ok)

[Verse 6: Dadinho]
” Do n’t sleep at your place on Monday, Tuesday”, that’s what the lawyer told me
Yeah, the go are given by gadji, fuck your mothers from Dadi ‘
For these bitches I have no sympathy, a Kalash ‘, a bike, a gust has gone
With meters, look at what we have built, 6.35, see what we have beaten
I know the method well to these sons of tains -p ‘, when you press your trigger, they file a complaint
I have redone the decor’, I’m a painter’s son, son of a bitch, I’m a saint’s son

[Verse 7: A-Deal]
Yeah, you saw me here, you saw me there, worry, I’m everywhere like a DZ
You saw me quiet, you saw me normal,Since I was little, I’ve been crazy about the DBZ generation
Generation of kisses, I’m [?], We come back to shut up Kheyou like the endowed gossip
we have the talent to put it aside, rather Scarface, them, it was the girls next door
Ok, kheyou, did you think you were so strong, are you strong? Ah, cruciform shot
We don’t give a damn, behind the Ford, you can’t see coming, you’ll see it from in front of your door

[Bridge: A-Deal]
It’s Marseille, d’Or and Platinum
Even khapta do not think we are skating
It ge-char the crates, it turns you on
It passes the salam to your miff

[Verse 8: Zak & Diego]
Go first we start, at 2.10 without the headlights
No license, no gray card, we have white card since we have the black card
Take out the gari, move your body, after midnight, I’ll come and see you

[?] She releases
Gadji hunting in the mini Scratch
the number but she timinik
Katsukiri Katsukiri
I’m too cured, goodbye

[Chorus: 100 Blaze & [?]]
13 bullets in the barrel, we’re going to traumatize them
You can tag us but you can’t locate us
In Organized 13, it’s hot, don’t ask who it is
Au Done, we’re not calculating you guys, don’t feel targeted

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