31/07 mecna lyrics english

I wish it rained forever
For those who do not hear the sound of the rain
Embraced by the stars with the sun on canvas

Black stamp on the roads for the holidays, for the series
Huge luggage and full cars, bye bye
They say: “Sold out”

They say: “Summer and flip-flops” and that I have disappeared
It’s the legend of the 31st, like: end, fireworks
And I’m thinking about the sea from the office

I write in Helvetica in my thoughts
I write very little and of yesterday, tell me where you were
Now that I almost liked you

I ‘ve been moving for two months
And I’m fine if you ask
Umbrellas open

Umbrellas closed,
floors Frozen slush freeze your teeth
Mileage calls with those who do not hear

Usually telephones don’t ring and stay off
Then it’s early and the sky is perhaps clear I
slowly eat a banal pasta with pesto

I said “Never” and instead it’s now I
reread, but then I turn around and go back to sleep
Usual things , usual faces, complications

Hand drawn from distances
Usually it’s me, today I look giant
Usually you seem distant And when you leave

, then where do you go?
And when you come back, how much are you missing?
When exactly do you come back?

How many days? What did you choose?
Where do you sleep? How much are you missing?
How much you miss


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