5 nights crazy big baby tape & kizaru lyrics english

[Intro: Big Baby Tape]
Ay, ay, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Two hoes with me (Aha), two hoes with me, hey, hey (Ha)

[Verse 1: Big Baby Tape]
I have two hoes, yes, with the same names (Aha)
I guess when I’m between you (You)

I guess wraith, with new keys (Ay)
Groupies and glasses that we do at night (Ay)
I spent five nights and five days (Five days)

I don’t call you, but everything’s okay with me (Okay)
I’m dropping bars, I don’t think about her (Yeah)
This ice on me make me colder

[Chorus: Big Baby Tape]
Five nights and five days (A-a), days, days (A-a), days
Five nights and five days (A-a), days, days (A-a), days

[Verse 2: kizaru ]
With me three slut them different outfits (Role play)
No riddles, ho, it’s not a charade (Nah)
One plays with by a dick, the other with these balls (Goddamn)

We have a bunch Schmal (smoke), you have a heap of trash (Fake)
Dropped a hit, I typed another shmoney (Hey)
Don’t shit, yeah I know you were waiting (Waiting)

Stand in place, my homie on a dagger (Oops)
Five nights long forever on the block (Yeah, sirski )
How they moaned (Phew), how they screamed

We played these pussies like an Atari
I played this pussy like a guitar
Brains on the sidewalk, two Glocks in my inventory

I carried a bunch of dope (Yeah) , straight to the planetarium (What?)
I can’t hear him, he’s an ordinary proletarian (Zavali)
Big Baby with me, so crime is paired (Oh-yes)

[Chorus: kizaru]
Five nights and five days (Hey) days (Hey) days (Hey)
Five nights and five days (Hey) days (Hey) days
Five nights and five days (Hey) days (Hey ), days
Yes, I need a hotel, we will stay in it

[Bridge: Big Baby Tape]
Damn (Damn), five nights and five days, I’m ready to do it all day (All day)
All day (All day), all day ( All day), all day (All day), all day (All day), all day (All day), all day (All day), all day (Grr-ra)

[Verse 3: Big Baby Tape]
Panty – Spike Lee, carats beat – Bruce Lee (Ho)
Eat feathers in the morning, don’t have breakfast muesli (Bae)

On the floor D’ussy, after molly sad
I’m shining shit, they shine dimly (Yeah)
Hey, round two, round two

Yeah, I give a fuck so that the opp barks at me (Hey)
Throw this lam or two on him (Brrrr)
Hey white, what’s up? White, how are you? (Poo)
Beep beep, give the keys to my jeep

Yes, I stand fucking wearing only designer-shit
If you’re a real bitch, be her, don’t pretend
Five nights, five days King Benzo doesn’t sleep (Benzo-o)


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