911 remix sech & jhay cortez lyrics english

[Intro: Sech]
Th-Th-This is the remix, yeah
You weren’t bad, you were the worst, yeah (Yeah) You
achieved your goal and I made a mistake (Error )

She calls me drunk to take her
And sadly ‘it’s twelve o’clock (Eh-eh)
But I prefer that God
take you May God take you

[Chorus: Sech & Jhay Cortez ]
You left and from then on’ More
‘money, more’ Ass’ since then ‘, yeah
Chingo richer since then’

If you’re hurt, you can ‘call 911, not me
You left and since then’ (Since then ‘) More
money, more’ ass’ since then ‘ , yeah
Chingo richer since then, yeahHe follows me’? )

[Verse 1: Jhay Cortez & Sech ]
Baby, call 911
Ass’ I’m over eleven (Yes!)

I had you, but now I want a Beyoncé (Beyonce)
In a bikini to pass the bronzer (Bronzer)
and another new pa ‘when you leave the concert you

changed China’ bottle ‘
and while you was’ with him, baby, I gave to that
Va ‘a hundred, and it will star’ (Uh – huh)

and walked in the room, but You did not leave a trace ‘
And (Y), I have a new ass (New ass)
In an Airbnb I find myself with her (Shh)

The babies’ go in Uber, I never take them (Nah)
I bought you from all’, so I don’t owe
you, you calm down,

You took me as an asshole, but I also lied
To all ‘your friends’ in short I put them
If I knew‘ all ‘the shit that she’ told me about you ( Yeah )

My body is still in your consciousness
And when he puts it on you, you feel ‘The difference
As a model’ I have an agency
If it hurts, hit it, start for an emergency

[Saying: Sech]
Calm down, everyone forgets
Time passes and that is forgotten
If life doesn’t even last

Blessing, I am cared for He
said he was dying for me, ah
But I see that you breathe (Ah-ah-ah)
Another more lie (more)

[Verse 2: Sech]
Yeah Last night I dreamed you wrote me, eh
Cabrona up the dream I fucked
your mai bore you, but to ‘what oscureciste, huh

Tell me why you did not return
I told God : (Wuh!)
“Free me from evil” and I was single (Single)

If you were life, well I’m dying, hey
I heard a so-called: “I get it back” You
no longer have magic, even the rabbit fell out of your hat, eh (turn it up)
Do not stop ‘(Do not stop’), disc jockey (Disc jockey)

That today is going down insuranceki (-roski)
Look how e ‘life from entoski (-toski)
Now this cabroski (-broski) is crying

[Chorus: Jhay Cortez & Sech ]
You left and from then on ‘More
‘ money, more ‘ass from then’, yeah
Shit’s richer since then ‘

If you’re hurt, then call 911, not me
You left and from then on’
Má ‘money, more’ ass since then ‘, yeah
Chingo richer since then’, yeah
 (He says, one time )

[Proverb: Sech]
And if you leave, calm down, this is forgotten
Time passes and that is forgotten
If life does not even last
Blessing, I am taken care of (Ah-ah)

[Outro: Sech & Jhay Cortez ]
I’m still
The motherfuckin ‘remix
I’m still El Peluche (Yeah)

The one that looks in your bed
Does he follow me or doesn’t he follow me yet?
Tell me Flow

Jhayco, Jhay Cut ‘
El Bloke
(Yeah, El fuckin’ Bloke)
Rich Music
Ah-ah, ah-ah
And if you go, calm down


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