99 problems big baby tape & kizaru lyrics english

[Intro: Big Baby Tape]
Hey, ah, ah, ah
, ah, ah
, ah, ah ( DJ Tape )

[Verse 1: kizaru]
This day has come, fuck it, it’s judgment
I don’t shake their hand, I’m not friendly.
What the fuck are you G? Your gang of sycophants.

I got new sauce, they wanna check my dish.
Bitch, what’s the matter, hey, bitch, what’s the matter?
This whore took my dick in her hands and sang

First in the trunk, I threw them a whole
They come to me, because I threw off their prices
Say thank God that you are a whole

Who are these freshmen? I rip them out like a whole
I have weight and it’s heavy
You have a taste, I’m sorry, it’s cheap
Ninety-nine problems – JAY-Z

I came from dirt’a, I came out of the mud
He wants street credit, but will not be able to buy
there are things which you can not buy

Fuck original lockdown, bitch, get down
trunk of his temple, Click-Clack, poo-pow
Mom, don’t cry, I fucked someone

A couple of pints of lean and lava on PayPal
Choppa goes: “Dram-barem-bam-bang”
40 bands on cuban link by Johnny Dang
Che-Che you tell me hey bitch what’s up?
Hmm, better fuck up and get busy

Chorus: Big Baby Tape & kizaru]
Bitch, what’s up? (Hey hey)
Hey bitch what’s up? ( Bitch, what’s up? )

(Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)
Bitch, what’s up? (Hey hey hey)
Hey bitch what’s up? (What is it?)
Hey (Hey)
Bitch, in- [Verse

2: Big Baby Tape]
Ninety-nine problems
Fuck, ninety-nine problems

You’re not my homie white, you are not my people
Chapo in my jeans and more of my cock
I ride with whom? I ride with a gang

I was in Barcelona, ​​we swagged there with Oleg
Suka, wassup? What’s the matter?
Don’t fuck a bitch if she’s not celebMy

-My packs weigh a lot, can’t walk right
Monogram Louis, my belt is from Ferragamo
Don’t cum in a bitch, fuck baby mama drama

(Yes, we—) Yeah, we live like that, I never stop
Juggling these whites on their cash, lil bitch
Still Tape, still Hoodrich

White as bleach, as white brick
Two bitches next
to each other, they look like a sandwich Deals on the block, not on personal

Making the llama feels great
Lots of dredges and cash
I fucked your bitch, you caught me red-handed

[Interlude: Big Baby Tape]
And I pretended it was nothing and I told you:

[Chorus: Big Baby Tape & kizaru]
Bitch, what’s the matter? (Hey hey)
Hey bitch what’s up? ( Bitch, what’s up? )
(Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)
Bitch, what’s up?

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