agent orange deen burbigo lyrics english

[Verse 1: Nekfeu]
I don’t just answer the names I have on the papers (scattered around)
But I know that you can’t find your love by suffocating it (you’re all wrong)
Dreams , it’s fragile like butterfly wings (butterfly)

In ten years, I killed all my dreams by touching them
A papillote in my friend’s pocket not folded
In the tchop, it’s Doums the co-pilot, j ‘listen Pilot

Outside, there are friends cheb (wow), words that shock you (wow)
I’m trying not to become my own cliché (swing)
King James in the racket, I have the trigger, switch

Sweet is my bitch,
I don’t like their soup but I’m not even going to spit in it.
Worse, it’s no longer time to sleep, I go on in two steps

[Chorus: Nekfeu]
To make money, you must already have money (yeah)
To be the agent, you have to have broad ideas (oh)

Orange is the agent, the rainbow can eat your leg (try)
It’s that endearing rage coming disturbing people

[Verse 2: Deen Burbigo]
Since even the good guys have only one, I sleep with one eye (pfiou, pfiou)
And, every day, I go to bed at the west like the Sun
For my safety, I thank the garlic and all the antioxidants I

validate no terrorist,but I adapt the anti-Westerners (pfi)
Like the dealers, we make very few concessions
We make different confidences, we come from different faiths

I won’t exchange that for all the gold, I write things that only speak to my
brothers, little No matter their colors, me, God wanted me colorblind
Duality against my bad self, it is perpetual

I don’t know what would happen to my soul if I lost the duel
Your blackened heart, it’s like the fat of the belly, this shit is gradual
Why I only stay with the guys from the mif ‘, with the guys from L (L)

[Chorus: Nekfeu]
To make money, you have to already have money (yeah)
To be the agent, you have to have broad ideas (oh)
Orange is the agent, the rainbow -sky can eat your leg (try)
It’s that endearing rage disturbing people

OG san

[Verse 3: Nekfeu & Deen Burbigo ]
Hey, I have the same friends as Bubbles (Bubbles), Trailer Park Boys , not The Wire
Boy, we watch them like Hubble’s , so what? They watch us like Goebbels (eh)

We want the whole thing, fuck a bagel; even masked, you recognize our two faces
Fuego / Bigo, everyone nods when we invest the room

I’m not in bitcoins, me, I invest everything in stone

There is more unity, it’s us the duo but it’s the Uyghurs who make the pair
Why I boycott them (a ), because I
‘m trying to follow a good code (two) The farewell bouquet comes out of a handsome Colt (pfiou), you won’t put

your ass on my bench, ok?
I don’t do it in a way, because I remember that our blases were worth nothing yesterday
But bleeding from the nose on my date and you lose a tooth on my signet ring

All my khos will come out of their kennel, no crying , no Calimero
We respect those who make their numbers (yeah), not those who make their numbers


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