anadolu flex murda & ezhel lyrics english

ter murda ezhel lyrics english


Artz, what’s poppin ‘my G?

[Chorus: Ezhel]
My head is still carrion (Kash)
War Anadolu Flex (Flex) He
plays in the taxi Neşet (Father) I
write on rap
Yahtin me Leyla, yaht me Leyla
Yahtın me Leyla, dear me Leyla

[Back-Nakarat: Ezhel ]
My head is still carrion ( Kash )
War in Anatolia Flex
Taxi Neşet (Father) I
write on it rap, oh
Yaht me, Leyla,
I fell for you, baby
I’m a new fan
Selfie, pull us

[Verse 1: Ezhel]
Me ne la you Stay bear, ey
I say: “Gardaş, we drink”, ah
Gossip, ey
I say: ” Gardas pull us out. ”
Swarthy beloved eye, shine gara
Berlin 36, my head is away from
you, but to go to the garage ?
Bi ‘duration as goodbye Angara
rocking, neck bet I
diamond earrings drip, drip
Oynaya’h with you cluster
lashes as sharp Mizrahi
Did you burn me Leyla (Leyla)
Close all my heart, oh
look at me bi’ double star
for darling of the body at night such as black

Maltepe, Şentepe, every hill
can overcome
the roughness to us Every baby Where I go, again, fuss and
pots go down glass frame
Don’t hesitate Leyla, let’s hit the dagger on
my chest I drink poison from your hand, I won’t stop
If I .live a thousand times, I find you again Leyla, I became you again Leyla, I became you Mecnun, you
gave me Leyla, my soul is obliged to you
[Chorus: Ezhel]
My head is still on the carrion
War Anatolia Flex
Taxi Neşet (Father) I
write on rap (Leyla)
Yaht me Leyla, yaht me Leyla
Yahtın me Leyla, yaht me Leyla

[Verse 2: Murda]
Ah, yeah, Leyla ( Leyla)
Queen, that’s my Reina I (Reina)
Black team, Vincent Vega (Wow)
Non-bi ‘Vuvuzela
went down the pitch like Neymar (Foosh)
Road to long embroidery, a lot has
hero, back in my cape got (yeah, yeah)
we alley if mobile

I’m a writer JR (Writer)
Ey, stay hard like a cane on my dick (Ah)
Sercan and me, two champions (Ey)
New generation Roe or Manco (Uh)
Ganja make ya bitch wanna Tango (Dup-dup) The
street is cold, here Fargo (Yeah)
Free Man, my mood is always Django (Ah)
Big trees, smoking a hydro
Imma psycho, girl get lost with me , yeah
I’m still on the carrion (Kill)
War Anadolu Flex (Flex) It
didn’t take a breath (Nah)
Goofy , cut the lies (Cut it)
Pass for your pardons, a new process, choose your side, yeah
Gang’s funny brody sketch, yeah
Your ego is in this stack, yeah
Yeni Rakı and Efes, yeah
Melon, cheese and snack, yeah
Look at the babies, heh, it’s like a nursery, yeah
[Outro: Murda]
Men like Artz, Bugy
Ey, yo, it’s Made In Turkey
Ezhel, Murda
Gang way, slatt

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