Anderson Paak CUT EM IN lyrics English

[Intro: Big Sean & Anderson .Paak]
(G. Ry got me)
(Hit-Boy on the beat so, bitch, you gotta go berserk)
Yeah, yeah, okay, hmm [Chorus: Anderson .Paak]
Sometimes you need a friend
Not the ones that just show up and don’t put nothin’ in
You know the ones that lend a hand and wanna see you win
When you come up on a lick, make sure you cut ’em in
And then, huh
Sometimes you need a foe (You need a foe)

[Verse 1: Anderson .Paak]
One that keep your eyes open, keep you on your toes
You know the ones that wanna keep you where you been before
But I can’t go (No, I can’t go), no, I can’t go (No, I can’t go)
And woah, huh
Sometimes I need a check (Check)
Not the sneakers but the ones that make you watch your step (Make you watch your step)
Fuck your chain, fuck your name, how ’bout your respect?
Givin’ more than what I get, expectin’ nothing back
In fact (Nothing back)

[Interlude: Anderson .Paak]
You know I sat down with my accountant
He said, “I got good news and I got bad news” (Okay)
I said, “What’s the good news?”
He said, “The good news is you made a lot” (Whoa, okay)
I said, “What’s the bad news?”
“The bad news is you spent more”
Okay, oh, shit, look 

[Verse 2: Anderson .Paak & Rick Ross]
Huh, sometimes you need the faith (You need to pray)
Sometimes you need to know your worth, sometimes you need to wait (May need to pray)
Shoot like the Golden Boy, but ain’t from the Bay (I make it rain)
You can’t negotiate with Dre, you gon’ have to pay (You gon’ have to pay)
But wait (Wait, wait)
Juggin’ on the main stage, fuckin’ up the main frame
Loosen up your face, baby (Ah)
Sometimes I need a vacay (It’s the biggest)
Meditate, hydrate
Protect my energy before engagement (Huh)
(Maybach Music)

[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
Grew up havin’ nothing, you’re labeled impatient (Huh)
But once the boss made it, you labeled amazin’
Meticulous with words, that’s your force of nature (Boss)
I don’t wanna seem absurd, but that boy’s a gangster
Foc-focusin’ on me, way from Tel-Aviv (Tel-Aviv)

Barbados with the hustle, pockets Elandis (Woo)
Distinctive destinations all I wanna see (See)
Oceanfront residences, three different ones a week
‘Cause I deserve that (Deserve that), it’s time to learn that (Learn that)
Mess around and put that thing up where your perm at (Your perm at)
Six figures every year, yeah, I earned that (I earned that)
At the front of this line is where my turn at, huh
(Maybach Music)

[Chorus: Anderson .Paak]
Sometimes you need a friend (Need a friend)
Not the ones that just show up and don’t put nothin’ in (Nothin’ in)
You know the ones that lend a hand and wanna see you win (See you win)
When you come up on a lick, make sure you cut ’em in (Cut ’em in)
And then (Huh)
Sometimes you need a foe (You need a foe)

[Verse 4: Anderson .Paak]
Men gon’ lie (Oh), women gon’ lie (Oh)
You lookin’ for the truth, then the numbers don’t hide (Oh)
Lookin’ for the root of all evil, then you need to go
Open up the briefcase, see it with your eyes (Oh)
Everybody claim to be greatest of all times

But they never spend a day in the rain in the front line (No lie, no lie)
Uh, stop playin’ on my phoneline
Shoot, lock and load, pull up in the space coupe
With the roof optional, wonder why they follow suit
I’ve been groomed from the womb, came out of my mama coochie
With some brand new tennis shoes, faster than the speedin’ bullet

[Outro: Anderson .Paak]
Nah, nah, nah, it’s cool, it’s cool, it’s cool (Don’t play with it, baby)
Say what you gon’ do with that (Stop playin’ with it, baby)
Turn around, if you don’t do it now (Don’t play with it, baby)
Exactly, yeah, ’cause you’re not built like that
It’s not a game

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