autopoetry boulevard depo & sp4k lyrics english

Alice, turn me on the track Boulevard Depo Turn on
! This is not for children’s ears
(He) Ha ha ha ha
Hey hey hey hey hey hey
Saint Archangel Michael

Hey hey hey hey hey hey
Saint Archangel Michael
Hey hey hey hey hey

Saint Michael the Archangel
McDonald’s game – Happy Meal (A, a)
Tell me son, what did you smoke? (What?)

( Ooh ) His answer killed me
Life consists of little things (Ay
, yeah ) Work, freeze, eat, sweat
Grass – pictures for children (Pr-r) The

fog that eats people(Eats)
Plato, theory of ideas online
What does the word “Columbine” mean? (Wye)
Author, pharmacy, street, lantern(Wye)

Funny memes about burning deadline
What does the phrase ” Imp in the rib“? (Ha)
Jefferson’s quote about good(E)

Boulevard Depo Video Presets (Not Available)
Mon Repos Park Opening Hours
Game of Thrones – is it worth watching? (Hmm)
Should you wear pants or wear? (HM)

How to steal in Russia, so as not to sit down? (A)
Tell me Yandex, who I am, eh?
Alice, turn on the accompaniment for

me.This crazy text was written by an autopoet for me ( I turn it on )
This is this fucking experiment (A)
Riding the algorithms – rapper, put out the Cabernet Sauvignon light
dosage of citramone

Find out the phone number, tap from jacob delafon
Better fitness or running? Last year’s snow fell
Richest manjokes with the name Oleg
Swamp, student, photo, meme

Play the Snail Bob game
Where does Spider-Man hide things?
Ivan Andreevich Krylov
Rich dad, poor dad
Lada, leather interior
Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress
Love is like a dream

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