Back Door Stray Kids lyrics in english

Back Door Stray Kids lyrics in english

[Stray Kids “Back Door” lyrics]

[Intro: Felix]
Hey, you wanna come in?

[Verse 1: Han & Hyunjin ]
all away now entered
last thing chaser, mm
Now with this title party (Oh)
fall Not bear ( Hol ‘up ),. Yeah
ego break eocha true stiff’ll
all relax anyone can enjoy Suit
eyes off the fire balhyeora night
together attract eoknul early excitement bangsaeng (Oh)

[Pre-Chorus: Seungmin, Bang Chan + Felix & Hyunjin ]
can you turn the handle everything that I wanted
the sound of music heard in front of the door
and cried to pop my voice
me time to meomchit No

Hey, come inside now, hey )

[Chorus: Lee Know & Hyunjin+ (Changbin)] No
entry except for the related parties This is no entry except for the backdoor
officials This, the backdoor
no entry is prohibited
If you want to become a backdoor official (Ayy)

[Verse 2: Changbin & Han ] I guess
this is the end (Right, right)
heads the time ready to go (Go, right) use
did suffer owner incorrectly met the body (body)
come come along let me hogang, backdoor
secom not do It’s okay
this sounds now heard the fanfare
Let’s play all night need is more caffeine
to ohdeunga Open the password Sesame

[Pre-Chorus: Seungmin & IN + Han & Felix ]
It seems different, this moment when everything becomes perfect,
the fantasy that unfolds in front of
eyes shout out so that my voice bursts There is no time to stop
Hey, come inside now, hey )

[Chorus: Changbin & Hyunjin + (Felix)] No
entry except for the person concerned Here, no entry except for the backdoor
person Here , no entry except for the
person Here, if you want to become a backdoor person (Knock, knock)

[Bridge: Bang Chan, IN , Seungmin , Felix , (Trade shows All)]
Lights OUT
Yeah, this moment, increasingly over time, more gorgeous
Yeah, we gon ‘do it right
now, do it right now, baby now is Come on put the world in the eye
ring heart , rum, pum, pum, pum Make’em
say, “Wow, wow, wow,” yeah
Everyone come and come, ayy
Sing a song la la, hey

(Three, two, one)

[Chorus: Changbin & Han + ( Felix)]
Parties outside allowed here, backdoor
others not allowed officials here, backdoor
others not allowed officials here, backdoor
want to be a party (Knock, knock)

[Outro: Bang Chan, IN , Lee Know + Felix ]
jumped me kind of slap crazy
today, we do our thing
kind of slap crazy jump me
tonight bark, ayy

hitting kind crazy to jump me
today, we do our thing
kind of slap crazy jump me
Hot,. hot (Yeah),. hot,. hot, AH
Hot,. hot (Oh),. hot, hot
Hey, you wanna come in?

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