big scarr soicyboyz 2 lyrics english

big scarr soicyboyz 2 lyrics english

[Intro: Big Scarr & Lil’ Juice]
(Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up)
SoIcyBoy, brrt, brrt
Uh, brrt, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go (Let’s go)
Yeah, uh (Yeah), big brrt
Yeah, brrt, (Brrt), brrt, brrt (Brrt), brrt
Let’s go, let’s go

[Verse 1: Big Scarr & Foogiano]
Pooh, they must know with the Glock and gon’ ride (Slatt, slatt)
Pour up a four in the pineapple snap (Snap)
Life like a movie, I’m flippin’ two choppas (Choppa)
In seventeen months, I done turned to a rapper (Rap)

Said he want the smoke, now his folks lightin’ candles (Brrt)
She brought her friend, give a fuck ’bout the past (Brrt, brrt)
Have you broad daylight toe tagged, we whack ’em (We whack ’em)
End of thе day, buyin’ new guns, we active

Big booty bitch, from thе back, make it tap (Tap)

Brand new hundred, two stick, can’t count (Can’t count)
Pop a lil’ Perc’ while I’m tryna relapse (Relapse)
Spin the block twice, nigga, that’s a relap (Relap)
Drac’ in my pants, now I walk with a limp (Limp)
When I’m feelin’ offended, I’m takin’ it out (Takedown)
This is a robbery, better not move

Start strippin’ ’em naked, I’m shakin’ em down (Shakedown)
I love performin’ with hoes on stage (Yeah)
I just be pickin’ bitches out the crowd
Laser on the Glocks, no throwaways (Nope)

We shoot to kill, gettin’ shot in style (Brrt, brrt, brrt)
I done got rich, now a lot of niggas nervous (They mad)
And I just been with a sister named Curry
Shootin’ on the court, had them young niggas perishin’ (They perishin’)
I can draw back, cut his life short early (Cut early, cut early, yup)

[Verse 2: Big Scarr]
Fix a nigga’s ass with the choppa like a surgeon (Yup)
Then my bro take a bath in detergent
Now these red-bottoms bleedin’ on my feet like a virgin (Like a virgin)

I could still sell a ‘bow at the store by Curry (By Curry)
Shots get pumped, yeah, a nigga, put the word in (Put the word in)
Call about some P’s, I’ma get to it, urgent (Urgent)
Young rich nigga, yeah, you know I’m still servin’ (Serve, serve)

[Verse 3: Pooh Shiesty]
I ain’t gotta took no money out of my deal
Nigga, been gettin’ to it, now we just gettin’ noticed
And we still in the hood on the green box posted
Settin’ up shop every day, we open

If you want on some dangerous shit, I’ll promote it
If you want slime, we probably scopin’
I got a plan, you just gotta be cool
Give me some time, let me put it in motion
And you know they look up to slimin’ the dude
It ain’t number one to me, you niggas bogus

[Verse 4: Foogiano]
Uh, you niggas bogus (Brrt), yup (Big brrt), yup
I done came up, hoes sayin’ I’m cocky (I’m cocky)
Thirty bad hoes in the hotel lobby (The hotel lobby)
Water drippin’ off me like a Section 8 faucet (Like a faucet)

Poppin’ my shit, all my hoes say I’m toxic (Too cocky)
James Harden step back, hit ’em with the rocket (With the rocket)
Still wake up in the hood with them hittas with the spotty (With the spotty)
Cut my choppa, bullets soundin’ like Kyrie (Like Kyrie)

My bitch quit school, now she rich off Forex
Niggas talkin’ down on me, hate it, I ignore it (I ignore it)
Supercharged Dodge, hit the gas, yeah, floor it (Yeah, floor it)
Talk down I’ma hit you in the eye like Floyd (Like Floyd)
Too much drip, take a bitch overboard (Overboard), uh

Drip, splash
So Icy, So Icy, gang
Yup, yup

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