BIG30 First Day Out Lyrics English

BIG30 First Day Out Lyrics English

I did a lotta years man They mad First day out I’m back [Verse 1]
But i’m back at it though Hahaha
I dirty up the beats when i hop on em
Got six years for the phones i don’t talk on em
Them wiretaps had me trapped like bin Laden
And i did it on my hands like no problem

Used to look up to these niggas now i walk on em
The OG’s is getting old and we still mobbing
Don’t get close, don’t get close boy the clique toxic
These boys mix up like the henny with the hypnotic
Your time’s up boy don’t you hear the tic tocking
And tic tacs for these shitty niggas still talking

I ball hard with the heat boy i’m Chris Bosh-ing
I do laps on you rappers like stop walking
I’m Usain running Bolts and they can’t stop em
I got beef and cheese like a pizza topping
The clip long like the neck on a damn ostrich
I put a hole in this fishes head damn dolphin

They like how you on the block and you still clocking
When you just did the bid nigga no auction
No auction nigga first day out
Fuck the talk i let loose on you loose lips
Baby nine shoots hearts call that shit cupid
Twist squared niggas up quick like a rubix

Cubix, talking like they done it but we do this
Your girlfriend’s on my balls like cubix
Had to brush her off get her gone hocus pocus
Hammer on me, on me like i’m roofing
Ladder and a belt full of tools like construction

Don’t get close we the clique like a button
Get a man ghost by the click of a button
Don’t get close we the clique like a button
Get a man ghost by the click of a button
I dirty up the beats when i hop on em

Got six years for the phones i don’t talk on em
Hunned rounds in the clip that’s a big cartridge
I got ninety-five troops and they all marching
They throw rocks like slingshots on my Bart shit
Yellow bullet blue top call it Marge Simpson
And i heard that i fell off, first day out
I just touched road imma boss

More knots on me than a Ras’
And i just signed a deal what you feel like
The first day out and it feels nice
Did two years in the cell
And a year it some changed in the pen
All straight do the math
I bet i’ll do it all again

They gave me a few years still the same selling guns
A couple more for human trafficking
The whole don’t get close know’s what it is
So fuck the internet and the poltics
And i heard that i fell off hahaha
The first day out moving too stout

I got a watch for my bro and a new belt
I got a chain and some brains from my main bitch
A couple bands hunned dollas for a side bitch
I’m doing better than a lotta niggas
And they been on the road like the whole time
A bunch bums in the 6

Bout to catch these niggas sleeping by the stop sign
See i was sitting kicking sipping moon shine
Locked down all week doing hard time
See i was on house arrest but it got real
I got knocked for a breach went downhill
I tried plea but police told me no deal

524 had me sitting eating cold meals
Every time he sees us he get the cold chills
A freeze up like ice when he stands still
Imma punch him in his gold grill
Bring all of your dawgs imma turn em into road kill
They was snitching to the 12’s i had three trials

They was happy i was gone for a long gone
Was in the city but they shipped the boy outta town
Had nobody by myself had to hold it down
They let me out a year early got me on parole
They tried to ban me from my city but i’m coming home

They know i’m bout to take over so they mad on road
But em niggas happy in the bin they couldn’t use a phone
First day out imma gem stone
Imma put a hunned bands on a Benzo
And i heard that i fell off, who the sickest in the 6, Ron Dawg

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