Bizarrap y Duki – Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 50 Lyrics English

[Intro: YSY A]
If I say “Fifth”, you say “Step”
Fifth!, Step!
Fifth! Step!
Fifth! Step!

[Verse 1: Duki]
The miracle of Sandra and Guille born on June 24
Little warrior who thinks to beat life with his fist’
I went to the streets, got into rap and left the studio’
And I found meaning in my life when I went into a studio
And I recorded my first song, and although I had no money I thought I was a millionaire
The first Argentine rapper to have joined who is from my neighborhood
And we didn’t have anything, we lacked so much, but I put him in like a warrior
And we started to see money with tours and bowling until we reached the stage
And I’m talking about us, it wasn’t me alone, shout-out for Modo Diablo
Al YSY and Neo, know that I love you, I think of you daily

I went through hell and I was able to get out when I thought it was necessary
And in the end I didn’t fall, I became stronger to the surprise of many
My life seems very easy in the eyes of a stranger
But the pressures get bigger’ and the fears’ take on more size
A career that I kept up and down’ more than Five years’
we started’ playing for ’30 people’ and now we’ll fill the stadium

[Chorus: Duki]
Drops in my glass
I feel like everyone is judging me when I take a step
They talk as if they don’t know failure
Many give up, but it’s not the case

[Verse 2: Duki]
From sunrise to sunset training the flow’, improving the bars’, leaving life
I take a ‘giant’ step and the footprint is so big that nothing erases it and nobody forgets
it My people are humble, they know family, they will not deny you a plate ‘and food (No, no , no)
The stadium from afar’ looks like a spaceship if I have my people turned on (Shoot)
My faith to the right, my group to the left
This shark has no hook to bite
I will not stop as long as I have my legs’
No I’m going to die while my lyrics live’
My two arms’, my weapons’ of war
My brain is a business key’
The secrets’ I keep on my tongue
My words’ are for them to be swallowed, for them to be heard or for them to be bitten
I act them well ‘ They don’t blame each other, but deep down everyone remembers (No, no)
Life hit me head on, I still got up and I have it between my ropes’
Thank you’ to my people and to my family for helping me to get out of the shit

[Chorus: Duki]
Drops in my glass
I feel that everyone judges me when I take a step
They talk as if they don’t know failure
Many give up, but it’s not the case

[Bridge: Duki]
I went looking for it, mommy, I didn’t ask for it
The law of the strongest speaks of me
I kill the race, rest in peace
Biza scored the goal, I assisted him
They fly bottle’, I fell with my team
The rest stay still like a mannequin
If they talk about mine, they talk about the elite
If they talk about trap, they’re talking about me (Duko!)

[Verse 3: Duki]
My life is a movie, my group is the cast
I’m not good, I’m talented
I arrived well dressed and I stole the event
I don’t leave the area, I believe Shevchenko
512 has me feeling like Sonic, next to me they were slow’ (Very slow’)
If you want to see Dio’, I will introduce them to you ( Dori me )
In the back the argentinian flag
With the sneakers in sports mode ( Dori me ) I’m going to keep
rapping, mommy, for life
I knew that I was going to keep mine real if I didn’t sell myself ( Dori me ) I
fulfilled my mission as a rapper, I bought mom the house that I wanted, ah-ah

[Outro: Duki]
It’s the Duko, you know
Argentina is in the house, Modo Diablo is in the house You
already knew, mommy Getting
stronger, getting stronger
After so many years I wouldn’t say “lucky”
More and more strong, stronger and stronger
After so many years I would not say “lucky”
It’s a wrap

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