Booba RATPI WORLD Lyrics English Version Song

Booba RATPI WORLD Lyrics English Version Song

[Lyrics of “RATPI WORLD”]
Automatic weapons, it’s fantastic
What are the bails, my mouth?
I’m in my Ratpi World, eh

[Verse 1]
They came at six in the morning, rangers, no fishnet stockings
They want to make us like city rats, surrounded like in Palestine
The bumper hugs the window , DUC: no Cristalline
Wallaye, I’m on you like a Djinn, it’s more serious than you imagine
Gargoyles on a blessed roof, miss-pi patrol day and night

If you don’t know who I am , your flat screen comes from Momo Henni
Everything is written but I don’t like reading, you’re wrong, your skin is not leather
Lots of people that I love but I don’t like to say it, lots of people that I embarrass want to destroy me

So be it, I’ve always let the Devil seduce me
In Tony’s office , loaded grenade launcher, big ceremony
It’s hard, bro, the pandemic, bring me a kilo ‘and mi
9-2, Porte de Chatillon, Lamborghini, butterfly doors (I’m too gang, she can’t say “no”)

What are the bails, my face? I’m in my Ratpi World
Automatic weapons, it’s fantastic
What are the bails, my mouth? I’m in my Ratpi World

[Verse 2]
get divorced for mayor, do Hlel in Chalghoumi
desoldering The s’ra to the last always a very good idea
if you have no camps, you got no mind, not of the ship, not of the future
By saying nothing, we said everything so shut your mouth and follow me

Still lost my Insta ‘, my thing to me is music
I try to keep my instinct, confuse by the algorithm
In the bottom of the sixth, I see the sky better, much too late to go back
I said to him: “Give me some gel”, not for my hands, to fuck you
I’m closer to the riff than to the GIF , you are closer to a bullet than toa slap

Du Rif
Let’s divorce at the town hall

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