boss lig 4 universe lyrics english

[Verse 1: Kezzo]
Life has always tried to tear me down, capitalism write a debt
Intrepid Kezz slapping rhythms in a misfire melody,
they say in Bulgarian “zaradi ” all these

sluts are parody I’m good enough digga money is not everything I have a
co-friend, I have a pen,
so that I can create and promote this, none of us fighting to make it have a full pocket

It’s okay, believe me, it’s okay
Because our goal is rap, it’s not
about money Our hands long, if I want, I’ll wipe your ball in Kapıkule, I can’t say the term

DP to fags who offend with talent, my friend or I’m on good terms
I sold it to the TikTok guy, kill me for rap, lynch me, shoot me.
Did you put a medallion around my neck in the street with a thousand of my songs?

What do you know, what do you know about my life?
Make debt mortar, studio austerity
Kezz engineer, but if we have a rap life, let’s delete one empty sixteen You

turned the market to shit, make young people slaves of the system Encourage a
‘boy Gucci, Prada; While his father was earning at least

three years in the basement of a house I lived in, I know how it smells of mothballs It was
poor literature, what you did was cowardly, your brother can’t enter our street

[Verse 2: Da Poet]
Crazy gets the price! What is your foundation?
No, it’s my earthquake, it’s been

nine point seven not even two of us
DP hard porn, yours not even Mickey
Shit! You’re

crazy not even in the sand You couldn’t be fire, not even kindling You couldn’t even make
two liras, not even money
DP Ayahuasca, you’re not even two beers!

Dangerous tongue I need to get a license My two hands Hip-Hop, Rap, middle finger
Chipboard mountains destroyed by a
hammer Don’t hold two placentas and think they’re masters! Do

n’t be quiet , shake it, you couldn’t rap on the street with your bird head, you can barely rap in the shower
Fake Rihanna, black propaganda
There is neither peace in the country nor in the world

What is this, what is going on
? just wahabis
dive from the Golden Horn and go to Miami!

Gimmickry want to firecrackers dream
looks Motherfucker, we’re the last word he said!

[Verse 3: Joker]
Dropshit and Bosslig, hip-hop not pop now
Prof work flow go collect coupons

Keep away from the microphone keep that fucking mouth
Mushroom morphine weed roj and bonsai
Porsche, Dubai and slut cocaine

Rhyme generation in Hawaii I
think they ‘re but their father is in the industry
Sweat shed ‘

I think this sucker is cool until the morning ‘ he is doing it ‘ bouncer and quit
school ‘ he constantly
goes to Rami ‘ Turns into a teraviye mosque ‘ thug, I wonder why

he can’t find money , bag dealer
. It’s dark at the end of the road, you don’t have an exit, my
head is a million but your pockets are empty.

Even if you want to go, the problem is that you can’t
carry your head .your tears can’t flow
It’s like a meteorite falls on life,

And when you get inside, it doesn’t stay. Your comrade is not at the
wolves’ table, fork and spoon

[Verse 4: Universe]
My place is not here,
I’ll go to the sky I’ll drive the car on you boy

This Bosslig is like el Galácticos
We are looking for you but you are empty
What are you talking about, son?

This piece makes digga robbing your list
What good do you do to us, your disrespectful army
Bi’ your guard would break if you

lowered your neck Dropshit, Bosslig; there’s a
‘threat’, there’s a ‘bullet to Magnum’
Come and talk, you’d say ‘if there’s a ‘

Hip-hop ‘ our voice comes out of the hip-hop ward (Ah) Don’t
panic, don’t walk, crawl, it won’t save you Gucci, Prada Tripler in
clip Hawaii

They rob the sucker in Tarlabaşı
Look, I’m sorry for you, he said, you’re a bastard, you’ll
drown in the sea, know with your grudge
You know what I said then


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