broke boi playboi carti lyrics english

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Ayy, what that ho talkin’ bout?
I don’t know
I don’t know, I don’t know
Cash Carti

Cash , Cash Carti

Broke boy, broke boy, broke boy, broke boy
Broke boy, broke boy, broke boy, broke boy
Broke boy, broke boy, ayy, uh
Why should I keep juggin’ all these broke boys?
In the mall buyin’ ice ’cause he a broke boy
I can’t even kick it with these broke boys
He ain’t come to buy a pack ’cause he a broke boy

Bitch, I’m goin’ through the sack ’cause I’m no broke boy
Runnin’ up the check on these broke boys
Put some bands on your neck and have you murked, boy
Bitch, I’m ballin’ on these niggas, ballin’
Bitch, I’m ballin’ on these niggas, first they hatin’, he so pussy
Don’t cross your partner, pussy, that’s a pussy for some pussy
Always talk about me
Still ain’t never shook me
I’m a real nigga from the Flat, can’t overlook me
Fifteen hundred, nigga, if you’re tryna come and book me
Nigga gonna fuckin’ book me
Keep that chopper on me, my grandma watchin’ me
Ayy, fuck my Jesus piece, I might squeeze the piece
Uh, hold out on my way, I might flood the streets
Ayy, and I’m on this lean, I won’t make a scene
Uh, run up in his shit, run up in his shit
Ayy, Audi, Bimmer, Benz with the roof up
Still on this goop punch, three gram, boof blunt, high as fuck
Called up some hoes, let’s go to Lenox Square
Might just go icy my wrist, might just go cop me some squares
Keep a small circle, I can’t fuck with squares
I had to get it how I got it, nigga,

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