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[Text of “BTX Posse” ft. Fabri Fibra, Hernia, Lazza, Tony Effe, Coez, Geolier, Paky, Mambolosco & The Immortal]

[Intro: Coez] Turn it
down to the microphone, a little
A little bit, uh, uh

[Chorus: Coez] You look like the dick in the lightning bolt I did things you wouldn’t do, but I’m not you Flight high I don’t care so much
You look like the dick in the lightning bolt I did things you wouldn’t do, but I’m not you Flight tall

[Verse 1: Fabri Fibra]
I often wonder in these pieces what the fuck are we talking about
Turn up the stereo, when you hear me you have to put me on the ball
The stage wobbles (Seh), people get high (Seh), down from Senigallia
In Milan butterfly effect (Fa-fa-fa-fa)
I did things that I don’t even swear Grignani
If I tell you about them, brother, you stay there I was doing
the stripes but with my hands (Ah)
I love Italy, I hate Italians I
walk around the street but without headlights
I have trivial lyrics, I give my worst on these bases

[Verse 2: Hernia]
94 7 15 1 9 70
It looks like the wheel of Bari and instead it’s my bank account (Ahahah)
You liked this surprise ? Carramba, and now sings
I have to retire before forty
Now say a prayer for all the ragas in the area
To Santa Chiara, San Francesco, San Matteo da Bonola
No escape routes, five bulgas in overalls on a Kuga
Who sends them, face bleached, ask for the duke

[Verse 3: Lazza]
Hey, okay
When I walk in, you say, “What’s going on?” (Hey), but, bro, I’m not Bugo (Bugo)
I got a new pair of Chrome Hearts (Chrome Hearts), you from Chrome only have Google (Google)
I make a record without the deluxe, my shit is already deluxe (Hey)
A thousand fuckers to your DJ set, it looks like a no- vax
I’m on the beat that mutil poor (Ehy), then I run away à la Bettino Craxi (Via)
Between ‘, I’m with Skinny and I can show you (Ehy) that you go into the ball like Lino Banfi
Give the reason to the stupid and leave me wrong that I feel the thrill (Okay) I
ride without the security because I am already a
Zzala security

[Verse 4: Tony Effe]
Ah, Sosa
I have two ways to get her to arrive and two ways to sell her quickly
A pregnant girl brings her to me while Vegeta watches me (Seh)
Two couriers with six kilos each, I blow a kiss to the Holy Crown
I tell Baby: “This is my life” (Uoh), the underworld is my bride Ah
, seh, she knows I like to commit crime I
don’t give a damn about prison (I don’t give a fuck) a solution to every problem (Okay) A problem with life guards (For life) I want a Southern wife (Southern) To join the family (Mafia)

[Chorus: Coez]
I don’t care so much
You look like the dick in the lightning
I did things you wouldn’t do, but I’m not you I fly
I don’t care so much
You look like the dick in the lightning
I did things that you would not do you, but I am not you
High flight

[Verse 5: Geolier]
A me n’me fott ‘proprij
You don’t understand me, chill’atr understand
me’ proprij
You know me n’me fott ‘poc
Snapback, nd’ ‘o back, teng l’or’
Tu dic ‘fratm’ a chill ea chill’atr
It belongs to chill’atr
It belongs to chist’at
‘No second ‘and Pu-pu-pu-pu
T’ha killat ‘
Sol ‘why Tu-tu-tu-tu
T’ ‘e fidat’
Ua ‘, tien’ ‘e sord’?
Nun m ‘n’ fott ‘
Facc’ ca m ‘schif’
Nun m ‘n’ fott ” and lor ‘
Tand’ sit ‘reduced’
Sit ‘corrupt’
And to me m ‘ne fott’ (Yeah)

[Verse 6: Guè]
I won the prize for the best zzoca also in ’21
I am infamous in Milan while I am in Honolulu
I am a bionic rapper
Your wife takes it from me every six hours, just like an antibiotic (Brava)
Moves moves her ass, my pass is the white pass
Dumb we are opposites like Duracell
I send suits in because she is hard in the cell
Really, with the Gs I am not turning commercials
Fixed around the clit, I click her G spot
The city on the shoulders like in the squat
With a top gun in his pocket in Schott

[Verse 7: Paky]
I have a brother who has moved on
because he still has bad images in his head
Meeting to a tragic end, always in the race for easy money
Always wearing a .38 with only one cartridge inside
If I take it out, 38 of them escape 38 of them
They tell me to be calm, but calm is dead
Unfortunately my head remains the same
Even if the Universal has put me in place a little
The problem is that I was born a gangsta
That I will die gansgta, with a big account, and fat
Should you screw me?

[Verse 8: Mambolosco]
My Air Force 1’s are always clean
Over a Skinny beat in skinny jeans
You can find me around doing chores
Until I have a Richard Mille on my wrist
This is real life, you live in a movie
I miss watching them, because I don’t have time
You spoke badly, you have to be careful, bro (Lil bitch, Let’s go)
Yes I make art, I’m not a fucking painter
You’re not a gangster, you’re just an actor
I’m smoking blind, can’t you smell it?
Between ‘, when I pass, you hear “sku”
I’m inside an A45S smoking gas
Bad bitch moving his ass
Tell me the things she wouldn’t do for some hype and cash

[Verse 9: The immortal]
I owe him money to that, I owe them
But no, I don’t give them, I don’t bend down (Oh shit)
Here they all say lions (Ahah)
Until he goes to his son, I ask him:
‘Do you prefer to die or to live? Would you rather starve? ‘ Don’t feel safe here even if your father is a legal
To let you taste the nougat downstairs

[Outro: The immortal]
I don’t give a fuck (No)
I don’t give a fuck who you are, who you stay with, who shoots
I don’t give a fuck who’s in charge, the
Di gang Who pays, who shoots, your fucking neighborhood
I don’t give a fuck (No)

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