bye me fui lyrics english


Yeh, yeh, yeh
Yeh, yeh, yeh

You came looking for me (Looking for me)
Because you failed again ( Yeh -eh)
You came looking for me (Looking for me)
But that game is over (That game), yeh-eh

Because I’m tired, eh-eh, eh-eh-eh
That you don’t value my arms, my arms
And I’m tired, eh-eh, eh -eh-eh
Just to be just in case, just in case

Say goodbye to your best option
Bye, I left (I left), I left (I left)
Say goodbye to your best option
Bye, I I went (I went), I went (I went)

And nobody knows what he has until he loses it
And you wouldn’t even want to ‘know
that how nobody will love you
Baby, he no longer has’ power over me
And you who always wanted ‘a fantasy love, like the’ unicorn ‘
But they only gave you the horn
Another goddess more’ who preferred hell
That that bastard would hurt you, that was obvious
And it’s not that I believe in eternal love
But thinking about whether it’s ‘fine, I don’t even sleep
Your mai’ crazy that I am her son-in-law
And I waiting like a fool, I already hate myself
But I already got tired of being the alternate
And of the ‘summer’ that end in winter
Maybe ‘it is that pisces does not mix with capricorn
Or that love half ‘has become modern, huh
And if it is ‘real I do not hide it, eh
If you are’ my goddess, I worship
you But you got used to the insults ‘
And although I die of desire’ I cannot ‘see’, eh
One day yes, one day no, that no e ‘tenerno’
Long ago I did not call ‘pa’ comerno ‘



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