Chen Laden Freeze Corleone lyrics english

Chen Laden Freeze Corleone lyrics english

Ekip, ekip, ekip
Han, eh, han (han), ekip (ekip), han
MMS, LDO, bitch (bitch)
Han (han)

[Single verse]
N / A Doggie, I have the katas (gang, gang) , cons’ there is gasoline like the tatas
I have the data, I have the data, nigga, we need the dineros and the plates
Des GLE for the uncle and tatas (sku)
On the production like Sonic (nion), they exist more like the Sonics (eh)
Whatever happens, I stay solid, too killu, they were afraid to sign at Sony
Triangle on polo shirts (han), kinkin like the low-low, they’re fufus, ready to do anything for follows
I hurt them but I try to go soft (yeah), about the green like I’m green

Prof Chen, I got the potions (han) , plot since I was very young, nigga, I have the notions (ekip)
Work, devotion and I have the shields just as a precaution I
need an accountant as in Ozark , s / o Zuukou, crossbows and big bows (paw)
50-50 for the dosages , in the lineage of Malcolm and Rosa (han)
Aqua in the X4, nigga, it’s come a long way from the Eastpack (bitch)
Now 16 bars equals 10 stacks , three points or in the paint like Kristaps (switch)

I put them in agreement with two bars, when I close my eyes, I see E’s with two bars (cash)
I can make four parts with two parts, s / o the King, 500 niggers with two bars (gg)
Chen Laden in the plot from the two towers (pah)
Advance, two towers, back like Gandalf in The Two Towers (sku)
Family and gold like a Gypsy , that I scrape MCs, j ‘feel like a Titan (eh, eh, bitch)
Killu for life, nigga, it’s not a half-time (nah)

In the middle like Lothar (han) , when you wake up, it’s too much late (pah)
N / A Papinoh Street nigga, sometimes I go straight like a biker (sku)
I hurt them without stress,they thought I was maxed out
I’m focused on my backs, at the end of the plan, the whole team is racked (cash)
Lonely Negro (han), deter ‘, n / a in Bagdaad (ekip)

Negro, every day , fuck the entire Bush family like in Baghdad
We didn’t wait for the SACEM, nothing that I’m going up as if I was in the basket (eh)
I do the tactics in Arsène , LDO bullet of black as in Plots
We make the difference like accents , in front of the mic as if I was 400
I do the work properly: I put the tarp, I kill the production and I check that I am not leaving Blood
Valve to the right, n / a Hector, burst the microphone to the vector
Every sixteen, nigga, itis collector
Lin rose like Boubou, rushed, n / a Shone in the McLaren in boubou
I arrive Chiraq like Mubu , n / a Osirus, by us, for us like FUBU

Bitch, bitch
Triangle on polo shirts (han), kinkin like boobs
It’s fufus, desperate for follows
I hurt them but I try to go molo (yeah), about ‘the green as if I’m green
Prof Chen, I have the potions (han), plot since very young, nigga, I have the notions (ekip)
Work, devotion and I have the armor just as a precaution

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