chiagne ancora ghali lyrics english

[Intro: Ghali]

[Verse 1: Ghali]
You know I’m the king of the neighborhood
knows that I hit the construction site
not nothing to do with the VIPs you have on TV (No)

You can find me in the playlist at the barber shop I
still smoke marijuana (Uoh)
Always dreaming about Copacabana (Uoh) I tie up 

the bike with your necklace (Let’s go) I
use your outfit as pajamas (Ahahah)
Fa- Fa-Let me take a shot on your hand, mama

Enjoy the view, baby, no drama
Closed at home, your house looks like the Niagara
Save your tears, [?]

the moon is full, out of the den wolves
the snitch defames, not i want to do haram
A fly no longer flies after the “click-clack”

[Chorus: LIBERATO & Ghali ]
Mo che faje si nun me truov? ( Uh )
Are you still talking?
I tore up all photos

Me still around
‘A nun m’abbasta n’ora
Under the lenzola
Vaco fore si ce penzo
I want more

[Verse 2: J Lord & Ghali ]
I keep a clear mind about the deal, saje
Nu bastardo comme a me nun s’annamora maje
They’re falling ‘and ammunition’ a dint’ê jeans

Pienze could be seen in my face ‘ncopp’ê magazines
What thought’ and me?
So ‘passed from down to sta’ int’ô top

Nu type comme ‘or boyfriend tujo to me nn’me touches
Comme’ and criminal ‘ncapa put’ or do-rag

I make nu ring â gang, warning ca addu me is’ a party ( Brr )
Take the weight (Uoh, hey), the soul hanging (Uoh, hey)
Fuck if it weighs (Uoh, hey), it still ain’t off me (Hey,

It was not easy, now all things are easy
Account that money mmano, they turn automatic
Lloro songo brave, trimmed make the applause

Je po stoop ‘e stongo blood ascenno dâ Savana
I keep a fur’ and lione, saje ca l’aggio killed
Je I know ‘sempe chillo’ and primma, saje ca nun so ‘cagnato

I drink wine’ int’a nu chalice, [?]
‘O ssaje ca po around mme ce saw sulo’ a team

[Pre-Chorus: LIBERATO]
Mo che faje ?
Nun ce stive tu, m’arricettaje

Without ‘a voice toja m’accapputtaje
Ammò, the wise made pe’tté
And I swear to you, I
don’t regret you again

[Chorus: LIBERATO, Ghali , LIBERATO & Ghali , J Lord ]
Mo che faje si nun me truov? ( Uh )
Are you still talking?
M’hê tattered everything and photos

Me still cirche
‘A you nun m’abbasta n’ora
Sott’e lenzola

Vaco fore si ce penzo
I still want
Mo who does it nun me truov? ( Uh , mo che faje si nun me truov? )
Chiagne still?

I am torn up all over the photos
Me around still
Cu’tté nun m’abbasta n’ora
Sott ”


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