combos ismo x mass x riffi lyrics english

combos ismo x mass x riffi lyrics english


Ey, ey
Who are you?
Who the fuck are you? Huh?
Ey, ey, ey, ey
Ey, ey, ey, ey
The whole game is ours, you borrowed it
I do everything for the fam, you do everything for the fame

I act as if I believe you, if you act like you mean it
It’s serious when we talk and the language you can guess
Hah, I’m not made for that dollar we’re making
Those labels that are on, right here are we charged
And I keep my word that is why all my deeds talk
In the West I am looking for amounts, friend we don’t know anything we complain
I do hunting,

you do questions, don’t have to talk you have to make
I’m always on my business, in the stu I can’t sleep
Friend I need those gold records for my fam and my pirates
Hey, you know this is Nass, not a cop, you’re a mess
Just a real woman, not one that just stresses me out
You think she’s too real but very Neighborhood has already scanned

You just keep leaking there in bed and then I’ll fuck the law
Pleasant it is Riffi, I’m on fire just a If your libi
Bro Hengle not in my ditch, I will loose your wire if your wifi
Yes we make them dizzy, flow uglier than your fisi
Am on another planet, that’s another mission
We want green just like Dipsy,

we spin like a frisbee
And haters, they gonna miss me
I always hit it I don’t miss
Am with Nass it’s easy
It’s the muthafuckin ‘Riffi
Ey, I’m that Riffi, don’t Don’t call my name anymore
I’m going to enter the scene solo, they didn’t make it with whole groups
I’m weird from all over, hook me up you can book me
Let me book on that snellie, I go for that fast route to destination

usually in a good mood
A legend in the scene, when we start from the
And always full throttle, we never put the brake in
K It was late when the bell rang, by that djalla ringing me
Is it Cedric or Hendrik again, become a star but I am not Patrick

Ismo Music is the label, I only fit perfectly here when Tetris
Ismo, Riffi, Nass, ah mattie, that’s the problem
And you want to be where we are now, but mattie you are not the same
Shoot your leg or your shin and if you have to even in your face

And when I come there for that race then wohla everything goes along
What we do, we do right, that’s why they look skewed
What you want to do in this fight, better if you stay there
There where no one can save you because I don’t stick
Cause I see them as if I look through a sieve
They know beat is from Max,

let them in the Maxi-Cosi
Want to flow like Riffi but they know when they see that flow
Compare me to that printer, because you guys are all that topical
Ben not with dynamites, ah matie, am with explosions
In my own room, I don’t like that fame
They want to try but they can’t do it

They wanted to block us but we wouldn’t let that
They don’t admit it but they can never match
We bring them that heat and I can let you hit
I make my dreams come true, even when I’m lying down
The master in the class and I can let you down

I want to sit on a millie, that kech was just licking, now ask a kiss on her lips
Sorry darling, but I’m not going to start on that
All my life is a movie, was more horror than a thriller
All my life is a movie, mattie you don’t know anything about it
Was tired of being skeer, the hossle started on the bike
Blue assie or I came for tenner of weed
I saw liquis on the Frisian, now I wind up on the beat
The rest makes chances like a Russian, so I’m puttin ‘some heat
She’s naughty, she wants a kiss but we don’t do that here t
Because we want villas on the coast why don’t they greet them?
They prefer that we pay because we don’t feed them
I don’t play even, ah brother I’m top like that weed

Bon Appétit, I eat them and leave them in grief
So that you see, the reason you usually enjoy
Those are the boys of the team, better not forget that

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