debiti massimo pericolo lyrics english

stupido massimo pericolo lyrics english

[Text of “DEBITI”]

[Chorus] I
grew up even without knowing how
Here children make war before love, eh

What good is love without a woman?
What’s the drug for the first time?
What good is fame without respect?
A bandit, but without iron, the road without a turning

What good is a villa without a family?
A smart man without an idiot?
I’ll leave the road out, I’m on the side of the blade
But I have the door on the side of the handle

What good is God without suffering?
Cop, what were you doing without my dеlinquence?
What good is rap if you don’t spit shit
Or my perfect life while my brothers are in shit?

I would like to give to those who have been there even in bad times
But everyone has helped me and I can’t help everyone
I should think of the others, but I’m here too
That I did what I did because I did it

What good are they the money if you don’t spend it?
And how do you make them if you don’t sell yourself?
What is forgiveness for if you don’t repent?
So I take my revenge, debts, real gang shit

What’s the point of making money if you stay on the street?
How to dress well if you stay at home
Also tonight I’m going out, now I’m an escort
So if I go to bed, I don’t fall asleep later

What good is a nice phone if you don’t call me?
German cars, Italian pusher
Ceno with Bebbo, Franco, Marco, Pietro and Rafi
At the appetizer we are already drunk

What is the use of judging without a head?
I’m the difference between post and comment
Life is beautiful as long as you fuck, smoke and drink
So live how you want to die when you have to

[Chorus] I
grew up even without knowing how
Here children make war before love, eh

Maxi-seizure of weapons and drugs
But in the building they still smoke it
To make stories to make history, tell me something

Leaving school
as a kid It was just like dropping a bitch
You lead the life others want, what does it feel like?


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