desiigner freeze corleone lyrics english

desiigner freeze corleone lyrics english

Ekip(bitch, han)

[Single verse]
You got pop but you disappeared (haha), nigga, you like Desiigner (goddamn)
S / o DistroKid (Han), I’m at the Galleries (han), I copy designers (cash)
Even when I sleep, I make money (cash), I receive transfers in USD (cash)
PDF prohibited in safe (han), Osirus Jack has documents in USB
Yeuz red cyborg, more armored than six doors, n / a Double, I have the strike of Seedorf
Audio dope in your head, 100k without a contract, shoot the prod as in Contra

Découpe, I have the techniques at the butcher, j ‘think of my money from wake up to bed
Spit flames, I send katons, in the wheels, they want to put sticks on me
RAF, nigga, I move forward without any stress (none), I’m more armored than the M26
That I stack the sums by 2k26, need seven zeros in the N26 (han)
Infinite range in Hall of Fame, sniper, very rare if I rate a target (eh)
Luxury drug, personal reserve, the plug sends the package under triple vacuum seal (bitch, plug)
Freeze Corleone, I arrive in Queens (money) , QB, ekip)

Infamous like Twins at the bottom (han, Twin Gambino)
Fuck the pigs, fuck the wild boars (han)
Fool the MCs in the ashtrays (han)
We’re in a mess like the Templars (han)
H-24 , I secure the bag, to get out, I have to depressurize the airlock (pchh)

I stay above, I’m in the station (han), I consume more gasoline than in the station (gas), haha ​​I
smoke the Moroccan strike, I smoke the strong from the States
I arrive Japanese like a Nissan Juke, I arrive American like a Ford Escape (sku, skrt)
Bitch, each verse is dynamite (han, ekip) I

Earn two to three times more than one young dynamic executive (cash)
New World Order (han), I note the progress in the agenda
S / o Kaki Santana, attacks on each date in the agenda (ekip)
Soon, it’s investing in the warehouses (bitch, bitch) I
graze the competition like steaks (goddamn)

They make the decisions while they are in the process ofto play golf
Alone against them like Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War (bitch, han)
Valve on the right like Kyle Walker (sku) I
smoke the Skywalker, here’s mid-chlorians like a Skywalker (bitch, eh, walker)
I’m coming German like the X cross (han, sku)
N / A Scooter, beat the demon with the triple cross, bitch (bitch)


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