disclaimer guè pequeno & dj harsh lyrics english

marco da tropoja guè pequeno & dj harsh lyrics english

[Intro: Claudio Moneta]
Warning: the lyrics you are about to listen to could offend your sensitivity. 

The stories contained in this mixtape refer to real facts and reflect the views and experiences of the protagonist.
The gang does not accept responsibility for the contents of this album will not be responsible in any way for any action taken by others that are inspired by these texts , nor are they from intеndere as advice from sеguire.

We inform opinion makers of the web, influencer, Instagram model, controversial social networks, champions of political correctness, YouTubers and Tiktoker become rappers not Hatate and not look for the author’s blood.
And yet, for all the fake rappers and fake gangsters:

If the fast life is not for you, do not try to do it again at home, but just dream listening to the flow that you will never have.

The harshness of the underworld and lifestyle exaggerated , told with the rhetorical figures of modern poetry, they reflect only an existing reality. Listening is highly recommended to those who have seen at least more than two films, read two books and is familiar with artists like Lil Wayne,

Dipset, G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Coke Boys and the like.
Each stanza you are about to hear was recorded by GU-is with one take.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the cinema street.
FastLife Volume 4
Harsh Times (Harsh Times)


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