lyrics of new songs

DX Godzilla Song lyrics of new songs

lyrics of new songs

DX Godzilla Song lyrics of new songs….

I’m ’bout to mop it up
Toes painted while I’m robbin ya
Daxnos repping H and M
They all “humbly miss” if they Hollister
Twist words like I’m Oliver
See my future something like philosophers
Niggas runnin’ just like a forester
Went the extra mile they went kilometers
I’m bout to eradicate it
If they spoke on my name it was fabricated
Every move that I made has been calculated
If you hating then you get decapitated
Are you captivated? I was born for this, why are you aggravated?
[Verse 3]
Rapping to infinity
It’s clear that I’m the hardest and baddest in the vicinity
I’ve never gimmicky
Never been fidgety
Hottest you can check the humidity
In to win it more talented than niggas ahead of me
KILLA delivery lyrical symmetry
Everything I spit is godly like I’m rapping in ministry
I’m about to get a felony wit’ this type of energy oh I can’t rap fast what fuck is you telling me must be sniffing methamphetamine you niggas is d-d-d-d-d-dead to me you cannot knock me off this d-d-d-d-d-destiny especially how I’ve done it and killed it all independently they hated but could never assassinate my identity I’m g-g-g-genetically gifted k-k-k-kill everything I touch it’s ridiculous, fuck opinions, who gon stop me bitch I’m going the distance, I’m gonna finish, gonna win it, 2020 I’m blowing I’m gon get it

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