ECKO Flow McGregor Lyrics English

[“Flow McGregor” lyrics ft. Kiubbah Malon]

Full lyrics will be available on November 27!


[Intro: Kiubbah Malon, ECKO ]
Hey, what does broko
Rueden say, you ‘are not from this
fucking’ town. You already know who ‘we are’ ( Hahaha )
Yo Poppy
Kiubbah Malon
From RD pa ‘Argentina, from Argentina to the world

[Verse 1: ECKO]
I was the first to do ..

[Chorus: ECKO]
… I throw it in your face
Drippin, and drippin, the I’m drowning (No)

[Verse: Kiubbah Malon]
I haven’t met

I have a couple of tiguere ‘doing blacksmithing (Hey)
I have a couple of people infiltrated in the CIA (Prr)

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