eslabon armado – con tus besos lyrics english

[Verse 1]
With your kisses you make me feel good
I just love the way you are
When you walk you kill any man
And I with you net if I fell in love

You drive me crazy all day thinking about you
I would dare maybe take you with a band
Write songs, shout your name
It seems to me that I already have someone to
Live life with, go through it constantly

Know romantic places too
Take you to the moon or take it down wherever
You want, mija, you know I will fight for you I will
be the man who gives you what you want
I know very well by seeing you that you love me

When I’m with you the martyrdom goes away
You reassure me by speaking beautifully
There you are when I need you You
complete my life like a book

You haven’t made a mistake, I look at you perfect
And if one day we argue
I know that our love is not disunited No
matter what happens, you’ll be with me

[Instrumental Interlude]

[Verse 2]
Nothing is better than caressing you
Every night to go through your beautiful skin
Always beautiful without or with makeup
You don’t pretend to dress so casually

That’s why I fell in love the first time
I knew I would be different with you
I hope that what we have never ends

My skin gets goosebumps when you get close
Your pretty smile, that captivates me
You say little things in my ear You
bite your lips and hypnotize me

Close the curtains, light some candles
What I want right now, you want it the same
This song is for you, my girl
Thank you very much for having me in your life

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