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[Single verse]
I don’t have enough time, not enough songs that are not vulgar, don’t tell me that you saw me do it
I’m like my air bubble, sometimes the bitumen punctures me, minimum 96 hours when the stupid ones find

me You haven’t convinced me, you still have to prove, I have punchlines in kevlar, it reinforces my bulletproof, man
Another one more whose perdition tastes like schneck, you know it, it remains that the inside when we become old schnocks

Before the OPJ, flicking , I took him on the wrong foot, maxi-jealous hurts his eyes when he looks too closely
Rap, they have waste, I think they have blocked the overflow, welcome to the EU where the walls have goblin ears
Burnt head like the packaging that comes out like a handsome blond

If you don’t see us in the area, it’s because we’re on a good plan
And we take a few salaries without even getting dirty, wesh you understand that we are coming out of the galley
We want to build an empire , leave a hold full of luggage for our children

Nothing to say except that if I cross you, you will end up in blood
But if not, there is nothing, strength, we are together, how many have gone nuts, even with parents healthy?
You give feedback on feedback, it makes you lehsa on lehsa, I do hseb, life costs an arm, don’t worry,
The bicrave, the chapped lips, I say that it starts with the trifecta, laughing bars, we thought it was serious on a 206

To what seems I have pierced, people look at me more the same
You them Say that you don’t believe in me because I didn’t want you to sponsor me
Filthy hypocrite but hey, everyone knows it, it’s not a scoop

Young ambitious tries himself in the forest but hey, it is not a scout
And oskout, when I pose, you will miss technical gestures
Son of diversity, ethnic

problems disgust me A problem, we fuck you, I talk enough in my freestyles, I’m listened to on Amerigo but I also go on Sky ‘I waited too long on this with my suspicious face,homie, you can make a profession out of it, seeing how well you suck

And I come up from the parlor with idiots and a USB, here, the pigs make you slide and even with the SP
Respect no longer exists, the little ones kidnapped him, it takes less pleasure to smoke to leave you disabled
It’s white, it’s all the rage like Di Caprio, grilled area, the pigs must have crisscrossed everything (crisscrossing everything)

In truth, I have nothing to do with Christian Dior, we did not even put a stone and we think about dressing
there, I make a bad balance sheet so I do a dirty pestle, when I have to spit, I think about the loss so that it is longer
Send a sheet, a pen, that I send them chills, the green hand wants green tickets, I go to school of the bush
A flash and you feel powerful, you don’t calm down by pissing, I’m reluctant, you have to take everything into account when investing

Little sketched smile because we dodged everything, so much hatred, I left it for dead, I wonder, is he alive?
Listened to by the civilians, yeah, I think they’re trying to teach themselves
I feel like a pitcher with nerves after a too bloody ke-stea

We learn even by teaching apart when you’re arrogant
A look , a rre-gue, in real life, wAllah it’s old-fashioned I told you that
I haven’t done a quarter of what the jealous people count

Peasant who goes up to Palermo when Roubaisien goes up to Bériz
And there is no movies’, request to Perliz
It can come home with a hood as if it were a perquis’, eh, or a facade cladding

Here, the slags are zombies, 0.9 is only passable
And I see four egg skulls in the Skoda or the Passat
We have known each other well for years, syndrome of the child not wise
A lot of trouble, the pair of balls lying under the seat

And seen where I come from , when all is well, I ask myself: “Where’s the trap?”
A good galley from time to time reminds you who the real ones are
Compare to what I hear, in truth, no one is ready
I don’t want to live with regrets like most of my friends

Hop, rebelote, square one, trembling in front of the savings bank
Still fighting against myself but I don’t care so much that it’s me who wins
Che-lou like seeing French people in winter in Southern Spain I

see the cheaters taking the elevator, me like a real man, I take the stairs
Your actions have told me everything so what’s the point of letting you talk?
I no longer have the right to make mistakes or else it’s drink, ass, by the

Brother, I saw everything here, come on, let’s see what’s going on there
Son of a bitch, if you don’t love me, do witchcraft like Carla
Carrelé all my life to hide the miseries, the foremast is filled with resinous residues
Me, I’m a Native, a bit like Roschdy Zem, a dozen business on my back, a rainy sky

Provided we can be healthy, to be alive to see our children, to be able to build being old
If we can, so much the better, otherwise it’s too bad, carpet carpet, we
saw ourselves millionaires by selling pads (pads) To not get tackled, we have to get down, since plan A worked well, I didn’t need plan B

But I’m keeping it in check in case it takes me over
Your idiots were laughing like idiots, beat your balls the most beautiful
I’m not like them, they just pip and talk about pipelines
My beauty, you’re going to suffer, Ideclare my love with a Zippo

There are questions to zipper, weed, the cam, the zipette
It’s so stupid, we took the same trouble while you made the pipelette
Rare that the team is complete, always innocent that we plead

I have more cigarettes, I take hash for a walk to do some shopping
Their mother must be a real whore when I see everything they allow themselves
A real lion is not justify before the Internet sheep

Basically, I rap my hatred in a microphone, I’m not in the social
We punish with a hagra, not a story, a racial act
And a whine when nobody sees them at the bottom of the sewers, a facial, aghrk tfou, you only inspire me with disgust

And I told you,do not shock the guys if I do damage
November, Victor, Romeo, Zulu, double Omega
J’fais swatting butts, suddenly, her grandmother, j’maigris

Should qu’j’mette side of my ego because in strength, it makes embittered
Must that I also put aside my nest egg, that maxi-mega cinder blocks
I have less chances of ending up in the shelter than of committing an illegal act

Who cares about your mouth when you pedal , the wheel turns so don’t make fun of her
The street, this bitch, she is not beautiful, you way brothers, it’s not that
we pushed through so we have wobbly thoughts

With all the idiots ‘what’s inside, it’s more of a skull, it’s a jar
I don’t negotiate when I’m at fault, I don’t leave itchoice when I’m right
I have Run Flats, there are too many bastards who wish us a puncture (the puncture)

Nouveau Roubaix, Nouveau Roubaix, Nouveau Roubaix, big
It’s ZKR, you have to get used to it and I always drink them like a glass of water
In my hands , that wasn’t enough for me, I’m going to give it back a good diaper, eh


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