freestyle wujek samo zlo lyrics english

freestyle wujek samo zlo lyrics english

[Intro: DJ 600V]
Now check out my freestyle machine.
My man from Wola, representative of Uncle Samo Zło
Oko for an eye rhyme for a tooth, listen to this kid

[Verse 1: WSZ]
Hey good morning, it’s
Uncle Uncle Sam evil
Hello everyone, I
‘m starting comment on an ongoing basis
What happened today May 2
The action of the minor has already lasted 2 days
Do not tell me that it does not affect
what is happening Uncle Samo Evil laughs

Not because he is a minor just because he feels better
When he laughs in the dick they do me
And you know that you too,
because in Radom it was already in the newspapers and what
Wujek Samo Zło with buddies
More than eleven, teens are with us too,
because the teenagers swing their asses better than her
Jazz background and the topic is serious like a gangster pork loin

These are sandwiches with butter
Listen to my slogan so that the cigarette does not go out
You heard TDF zone decreases and the
Climate increases and everything clicks
Who does not see it escapes me for the blind
so listen, buddy how buddy
you do not talk to me as

Uncle self evil gave me a sign I started crazy mad bad style
how many more like me
in a free style because I check with Uncle itself evil
is not there is an invitation to a fight these are rainy clouds
Which gather when they want it to be my way
And how Gypsy thinks hip-hop should be non-stop
Hip-hop non-stop this slogan is known
But it is not obeyed

I saw how to Renovate here freestyle cut
They finish at 23 why so
Why on Tuesday till 10 am and on Friday till 1
o’clock Hey, you wo
n’t explain it to me because these are the local problems of
Warsaw hip-hop society
Sometimes there is a hoax I’m not here
And now for everyone from all over Poland
You probably know that when you get to us we wo
n’t see that you are hence we will not know that you are from there

Until you tell us so
it’s time to switch to
see who is who
Who turns where who dances who paints
Who walks around the courtyards with friends
Uncle Samo Zło with us
My district is Wola and like a normal hip-hop patriot
If I did not say something about my district, I would be an idiot

Wola and after Wola Wola and after Woli
Wujek Samo Zło always mixes what he wants,
because even jazz can mix with it
besides, blues and death metal and everything that comes to your mind, but not disco. That’s why he has something to rap about it.
Don’t tell me who is commercial in our team

NBK teaser will never die and I am pushing the same cart.
There is no point in uniting better to make a war
A little war on restless and calm rhymes
And then on your feet and caresses
Everyone knows on freestyle sometimes it can happen
That you run out of verbal arguments
Then you have to turn your hands on I spin you I
guess you know what this teaser is about because
It’s like a DJ battle and check Uncle Samo Zło

[Bridge: O $ ka]
Cool cool cool it was Wujek Samo Zło
Now the Wilanów galaxy will say short words
Freestyle Gypsy
fucks me up in the morning you know the boy has talked ideas fucked
But he respects him and beats an arrow with him
So check him out

[Verse 2: WSZ]
Hi hi
They check me, I’m glad that my free style is
fucking in the morning O $ ke
This is something that I need a little
Dig in Zoska to play
Lord God matters to Uncle itself evil all the time

[Verse 3: Exemplary]
Uncle itself evil Uncle Self Evil Uncle Self Evil
Uncle itself evil squeezed himself rhymes
like all the juices of lemons
So do not do kid fucking pout
DJ VOLT produces its beats
Exemplary with Not Anyone Who represents the free style
Check how I feel
I can stand close to the microphone because it does not spit air
Now the Gypsy will tell you how he sees it

[Outro: WSZ]
Represents a free style
My heart beats in the same rhythm as his
NBK and I have been pushing the same stroller for years.
NBK buddy remember this sentence
[Text and notes on Rap Genius Polska]

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