Freeze Raël Freeze Corleone lyrics english

Freeze Raël Freeze Corleone lyrics english

[Lyrics of “Freeze Raël”]

Sku, sku, sku
Ekip, ekip, ekip
MMS, LDO (han), NRM, 667

[Single verse]
Freeze Raël, on the prod, kicke like Israel
Fuck these niggers like Israel

Chen Laden in the plot like the Bin Ladens , Chirak like JB Binladen
I see them small as if I were 100 feet , we want the VVS on the dentures
About the sums like bankers, investors, architects and site managers
I want the biff like The Rock, 20-20, the rap, it’s satanic like the rock

Cali Weed, Promethazine and the iron like D-Block Europe
Competition I leave only butts, I’m there for the dopes, death penalty for the pedos I
mix the flax in the Faygo , in Dakar, we stack the bricks like legos
On the ledge in the foreigns (sku, sku, sku)
Phantom Menace for make your ears bleed
Loud pack, nigga, I smoked forests I smoke
Runtz and Gelati

Rital in the middle like Marco Verratti
Big loud aqua in the Maserati

Whatever happens, I take my part, Chen Zen aka TVA
I have to weigh like a Liga BBVA club owner
I have my rights, I have my masters, I smoke OGs, I smoke masters
Manage the square business so that we can roll all in Maybach like pastors
I’m big, you’re nano, they can’t see me as if I have the

Switch ring , it fits without touching the ring, the linen is pink like gelano (ekip)
I’m in the no bistro trap, designer with the cash from Distro
I have rhymes like Larousse and I’m everywhere like Arouf (bitch)
In front of the cage like Erling and I put valves on them like Sterling Need
4x4s and sedans, euros, dollars and pounds
French Rap on his head put the

S / o Mac Tyer crosshair , I want my bitch to go in SLK to the pedicure
In the plot like the NBC (NBC, ekip, ekip)
I’m in Futbin, I do SBC, I
When you come in it smells loud in the lobby
S / o the sect every day, I will be nothing without the
Freeze Corleone aka The Collector, s / o Tical supreme neck protector

On the production, I take your ankles like Professor and Bone Collector
Death to pigs, justice for Adama , n / a Nick, hang them like in Alabama
Chen zen Galsen like Baba maal, that I put them in gear like Adama
Soon, I present myself to the municipal, s / o Lil B the Basedgod
Under potion with the xans, I see blur I walk like a zombie from Days Gone
20-20, Phantom Menace, I want the Continental and the Phantom, bitch

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