God’s Menu Japanese ver Stray Kids Lyrics Enlish

God's Menu Japanese ver Stray Kids Lyrics Enlish

[Intro: Changbin]
(Here Sir,)
Welcome To Our House
this store is really very easy to evenly the menu
and what is not Not satisfying all five senses
Passing travelers, pigeons,
crows, crows

[Verse 1: Han]
Cooking a sauce Shake and
scrutinize as you like lick it says bon
Taste so good All reactions are choruo
But all exciting giant
I I want it “til” I’m
studying until I give it cross boundaries
Create a sound that seems to be creative without boundaries

[Pre-Chorus: Bang Chan, Seungmin, IN & Hyunjin]
Just continue,
Because we’re one of a kind
No one can do it according to our own game It’s
from the start We’re off a
little away but
finally come back The
heat that doesn’t cool down The menu is about to sprout In
addition to the mouthfeel, the beat is driven

[Chorus: Felix, Hyunjin & Lee Know]
Du, du, du, du, du, du
This is us Bang Bang Pompon
Du, du, du, du, du, du
This is us Bang Bang Pompon

[Post-Chorus: Bang Chan, I. N & Han] I just wanna taste it, make it hot Choose a menu that
burns track on a new iron plate call me up Hope girl serve Du, du, du, du, du, du [Verse 2: Felix, IN + Seungmin, Bang Chan & Hyunjin] Cooking like a chef,

I’m a five star Take the top of Michelin “rice” and visibly illusion Ooh, the feeling that you feel added Gonna shock , Ah , Immediately electrocuted Lockta (Ta!) Everyone unlock (Lock!) Idea bank Confess in your head If you care about the secret ingredients (if!) In fact we don’t mean to write [Pre-Chorus: Seungmin, Han, IN, Felix & (Hyunjin)] Just continue, new

Because we’re one of a kind
everyone depending can not do our own game be carried out by
it from the start us off
even go a little away
found finally back
menu’s future buds that do not cool the hot air
in addition to taste, driving beat
( Du, du, du, du, du, du)

[Bridge: Felix & Hyunjin] Don’t hesitate to
put in your
complexion, put on a grate, and rub your customers! Du, du, du [Chorus: Hyunjin & Lee Know] This is us Bang Bang Pompon Du, du, du, du, du, du This is our bang bang

pompon Du, du, du, du, du, du [Outro: Changbin & Hyunjin] Welcome This shop is really evenly very easy to fill your senses have not passing travelers, until the magpie to pigeon (Du, du, du, du , du, du!)


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