herencia de patrones capitan del barco lyrics english

[Verse 1]
I feel desperate
I don’t know how much has passed anymore
Tiredness fades thinking of your face
You know very well that they don’t offer you what I’m offering you
I wasn’t the culprit, what was going to happen to happen
This was destiny, my love, there is no one who can change it
I know you think of me, I am not lying to you, because I think the same
But it will not be the same, I do not intend to return

[Verse 2]
I’m sorry but it’s time
To agree to forget the facts
What happened didn’t happen, it stayed in the past
I’m not the same anymore and that’s true
Things change and my thoughts changed
Feelings faded, memories They’re gone
I was afraid of losing you, and now I’m over it
With the grass I calm my nerves when I think of your kisses
The codeine that knocks me down and still keeps me awake
Thinking about why I don’t have what one day made me happy
Loneliness accompanies me and today I understand

[Verse 3]
Love faded, my life
In my heart it found the way out
Thinking it wouldn’t hurt
But I dream of you when I sleep, how ironic
Now it’s time to remove the hook
Because I have girls who are waiting
Captain of the boat never suffers from fish
Haven’t they told you who is in charge?
Haven’t they told you who’s in command?
The one who keeps the ticket circulating
The reason that there is food on the plate
The style that I take on is there for a while
I know that they are still going to continue copying
And even so they are going to continue peeling me
But I continue in my business, in what I’m doing
What haven’t you heard? Don’t worry the boy

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