hidden enemies lyrics english

[Lyrics from “Hidden Enemies” ft. Arcángel, Juanka & Cosculluela]

[Intro: Ozuna]
Tell me, Chemist
Los Legendarios (Ha)
Woh-oh-oh, eh-eh-eh-eh

[Pre-Chorus: Ozuna & Wisin ]
I don’t have Enemy ‘, to’ are hidden ‘(To’ are hidden ‘)
Now that I’m shining I don’t’ blame it (That I don’t ‘blame it)
I keep it real, zero bulk (Woh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
With elegance, but always be quiet, hey (The Negrito with Clear Eyes)
There is no similarity between you and me ( Hey daddy, learn this ; similarity)
So, bo, keep your distance (So, bo, keep your distance)
What if we put ‘my name on balance (Eh, eh)
s go ; tell me Austin)

You are trili (Austin “La Marizón”; ah-ah-ah)

[Verse 1: Archangel]
Again Archangel, father of a generation (Yeh)
So much so that my enemies ‘serve as an inspiration (You know’)
The best artist in this song by song (Auh)
But it’s obvious, they are not ready ‘for this conversation (Huh!)
Give me a break, will you’ see how I detail it? (Bang)

I rap, sing and produce, I write and I underline it (Oh shit)
I’d better shut up, I’m the solution, and I’m the fault (It’s me)
What your wife hears in the morning and not the rooster (I ‘)
Every time I arrive I make a fuss (Ah)
Already a passenger, sit down that the pilot arrived (Pilot)
They spend talking about you’ yourself ‘

The next day they suck the bug and come and upload a photo (Say cheese)
I don’t believe in bravery (No)
If it comes out of a note, I call that cowardice (Coward) They
tell me that in your company (Yes), there are a couple of under the water
Cooperating with the police (Oh shit; hahaha; tell me, Tito Gárgola, wuh)

[Verse 2: Cosculluela & Arcángel ]
(Dracula Boy)
Trick, trick or treat, what about you ‘and’ Halloween (Brru)
Mine is the Hollow-point, boy it’s a gangsta ‘team ( Yeah)
Me rich and me cool, no school, no rule (Grra)
Maybach and with a hundred work ‘in the trunk (Hey)
Coming out of the rehab, ten years’, there are ten rings ‘ (Yeah)
Unbeatable, bastards, they are die’ ‘fixed’ season (Yes)
Snow White ‘asks in Alaska for my zip code (Prr,prr)
NASA studied the flow and they say: “Coscu, that’s the real GOAT” (Stop this!)

Homeboy, this is a Goodfella mafia (Say hello)
“You’re fuckin ‘with the best”, if they talk about Cosculluela (Oh , no) I
protect ‘for God’s sake (Amen) , you’ don’t talk about Glock (Ah)
They record with 69 after ‘that he cheated on all’ the ‘Bloods (Prr!)
Fuckin’, where is all that fuck ‘ was? (Yeh-yeh-yeah)
The code is the same in PR or out there
Saramambiche ‘, if you’ are watching from the bleachers (Come down for the round)
You know ‘that the island is to switch, woh

[Chorus: Ozuna & Wisin ]
So much that they snore
They talk about the streets, but no one rides (None rides; ah, ah)
We are ‘cold’, always chillin ‘(Hey)
And there is no worry, there is plenty of’ Benji, what ‘ ass ‘and the Richard Mille

You are trili (Eh, eh)
That is why I do not understand that they snore
They talk about the street, but none of them ride (Woh-oh, woh-oh-oh)
We are’ cold ‘, always chillin’ (Eh , haha)
And there is no worry, there are plenty of the ‘Benji, the’ ass ‘and the Richard Mille (Dad W)
You are trili (Look, brat)

[Verse 3: Wisin]
You’ are looking for a shut down (Rra, rra , rra)
I threw them all round (Hey, hey,hey)
Current of ‘twenty, you’ are feeling the ground (Hey, hey, hey) They
seem to be street and always ask for cocoa (Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)
You are not ‘no thug, nah, you what you are’ e ‘a boy scout (turn on!)
He got caught in the Range Rover (Rra!), I set you’ with the drones’ (Rra!)
We already know ‘yours, none of them have balls’

I’m very hard rapping, you idiots
Do not look for the insane to activate ‘and that we crash’ the ‘plane’ (We know ‘yours)
Snorting with silver and that they have power
Look, liar, they have to fuck with me
You lack level to get where I am (You lack a lot )
Everyone ‘trembles when the’ bad boy ‘arrives (Oh!) Come on
, get another bag (Tra),to put him in a scoundrel (Tra)
Fronting me as a thief (Tra), and you are ‘tremendous toad
Mine’ get on and go and I’ll change ‘the plan (Yeah)
Taking off the mask of the thugs’ of Instagram

[Verse 4: Myke Towers]
(Young Kingz, nigga)
I always let them see the hidden ‘enemy’
They know that I’m never gonna let the fuck out
I keep getting more power
They say: “That’s Myke Towers, it’s always on the of him “
Whoever wants to cool let me know

I have plenty of Benjamin Franklin, I go up ‘from rankin’
The donkeys ‘crossing the Atlantic Ocean
At a distance they snore, in front of him’ gives the panky
I am a musical legend like Maelo and Frankie
You and I am not ‘equal’, man, do not compare you ‘(Hey) It
may be that all kinds of public will monopolize it
It has’ people who ride, I also have pale ‘

If I go, it is safest and’that I don’t even mask
myself And I’m clear, to ‘lao’ that I get
Blessed without necklaces or amulet ‘
To’a la’ babie ‘want with the
dark one You’ fall if I press the red button
When you talk to me ‘, do it with respect

[Chorus: Ozuna & Juanka ]
So much that they snore
They talk about the street, But no one rides (No one rides; ah, ah)
We are ‘cold’, always chillin ‘(Hey)
And there is no worry, there are plenty of the’ Benji, the ‘ass’ and the Richard Mille
You are trili

That’s why I don’t understand so much Who snore
They talk about the street, but no one gets on (Woh-oh-woh-oh)
We are ‘cold’, always chillin ‘(Ha)
And there is no worry (No) , there is plenty of’ Benji, the ‘ass’and the Richard Mille
You are trili (Juanka! ; tell him, Juanka)

[Verse 5: Juanka]
I am the war machine, the rifle with the most bullet ‘in the brushes’
Like old Jordan with the six ‘ring’
I will not lower him an inch
Keep your distance, do not pass the perimeter
You It’s measuring nine millimeters, amen (Oh)
I’m standing here alive like Tempo at its peak

A thugging without me and ‘like New York without the Knicks
Hehe, I never go out plain
The’ bow ‘are the color of’ dread by Lil Wayne
I am a star like the logo ‘e Gold Star
And they sent me to space to play with the Monstars (Ju)
Let them ask for reinforcement’, which came the hardest verse by verse
I do not twist and before ‘

All the sticks are in carbon fiber I
distribute and your head has pressure as a special from Econo
Wholesale and detail (Rra)
They want to live La Casa ‘e Papel and they can’t stand the house’ e glass, bastard

[Interlude : Ozuna]
(Stop that there, stop that there
Give me a break, give me a break
El Negrito Ojo ‘Claro’)

[Verse 6: Ozuna]
The most transcendent artist (Hahahaha)
And who snores me (Who snores me)
It becomes classic where the bear is mounted (PRR PRR, ah)
Here’s Level ‘, and broke it’ Guinness (Lo ‘record Guinness)
Pue’ and I have to actually ‘what you imagine you’ (Hahaha, wuh)
Má ‘of a hundred million’ of reason ‘pa’snoring (to snoring)
For ‘150 weeks’ “Odyssey” on the charts (You’ already know)

We start ‘from the bottom, this is’ normal (Haha; this is’ normal)
I bought a plane because I wanted to fly (Haha)
I’m above’ e you ‘and it was not on purpose (Above’ and you ‘)
This is’ 100×35, here anyone dies (Brr)
That here the ‘stick’ they shout, better avoid
That you ” get caught and sing Franco De Vita (Woh -oh)

Here the ‘hardest’ thing is me, the most ‘bastard is me (Haha)
What you’ are doing, the one who invented it was me (You ‘already’ know)
Tell him, Hyde, how e ‘what does the saying go? (Haha) It’s
not the same to talk about Osama, you are ‘Taliban (Prr-prr-prr, ha)

[Outro:Cosculluela , * Juanka * & ** Myke Towers ** ]
You ‘so much that you snore, yeh, yeh (Hahaha)
El Negrito Ojos Claro’ (You ‘already know)
O-Ozuna ( Papa W ; you’ know already)
Tell me, Wisin (The Negrito with Clear Eyes’)
Tell me, Austin (Austin “La Marash”)
El Princi (Wuh)

Tell me, Cos, (El Princi)
Juanka “El Problematik” * (Juanka!) *
Easy Money Baby ** ( Haha, tell me, nigga ) **
Myke (Myke; ** Ah? ** )
Tell me, Gotay
Tell me, Hyde (Tell me, Yazid; grr )
Hyde “The Chemist”
The Legendary ‘
Genie (El Mueka, ah)


hidden enemies lyrics english


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