Ho fatto FSK SATELLITE lyrics english

Ho fatto FSK SATELLITE lyrics english

[Text of “I did” ft. Chief Keef & Tadoe]

[Intro: Taxi B]
Greg Willen don’t sleep
FSK gang

[Verse 1: Taxi B]
I didn’t take notes I only risked years
Now I’ve got people worth millions
Like gold coin jukeboxes
Let’s make a hole, sweet dreams for you
Paolo Fox the future is already history Did
my class A have the nos
? cool no, shoes ah, big boss
Thirteen ah, I don’t like running away from infamous
Mica I like being without a euro, in fact I made them (Top gang)
Now who’s talking? No beef with ace of clubs
La 19 kills those who don’t speak go out

[Pre-chorus: Taxi B]
I did, I-I-I did (Oh)
I’ve done, I’ve-I’ve-done (Oh)
I’ve done, I’ve-I’ve-done (Ah)
I’ve done, I’ve-I’ve-done

[Chorus: Taxi B]
I’ve done, I’ve-done
I’ve done, I’ve -I did
I did, I-I did
I did, I did

[Interlude: Chiello & Taxi B ]
Me and my dawgs
We brought the real trap to Italy
Snitch or infamous you have to change scenery
You better kill me or I’ll have to kill you
Me and my dawgs, ah
Me and my dawgs
Me and my dawgs
I did

[Verse 2 : Chief Keef & Sapobully ]
I did
Smokin ‘Guido
All orange Halloween, I’m findin’ Nemo
Smokin ‘[?]
Check a limo
So what y’all on? I‘m smokin ‘purple like I’m Greedo
Flood your hood with more Bapes than Nigo
I got cash and still done turned your ass to tree smoke
Pull up on a block come get some free smoke
Brr, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

[Verse 3: Sapobully]
I did, three robberies and I didn’t say shit (Brr, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow)
I did, part of a weight association ( Mafia)
I did, things you can’t understand I miss (Bleah)
FSK real mafia South Italy (South Italy)
I did … here everyone listens to us so I didn’t do shit (Snitch)
I rolled a Backwood’s (Back) with the whole Italian scene inside

[Chorus: Taxi B & Chiello ]
I did, I-I did
I did, I-I did
I did, I-I did
I did, I did ( Me and my dawgs )

[Verse 4: Tadoe & Taxi B ]
On rodeo sippin ‘[?], spinnin’ big foreigns
Racks up in my pockets, fat as hell just like Big Pun
How much cash can I get a hundred up in Bitcoin?
Been up in this shit for a while, this the sitcom ( Ho fatto )
With my shorty got my .40 out , I pull some

Tried to put her on gang but she ain’t know none
Tell her, “Get up in the glory , come and choke some “( I did )
We had pulled a foreign, had to fold some
Five in the morning, folks off yerks tryna blow some
I’m like: “Chill out, you just smoked some”
Next time mask up so they ain’t know none
Dirty clothes tryna toast some

[Outro: Chiello]
Me and my dawgs
Me and my dawgs
Me and my dawgs
Pow, pow, pow, pow

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