houdini ksi lyrics spanish


Oh, la, la
Ejecutar en el hombre, a continuación, apriete
Hablando loco hasta que me ves
Conocí al hombre sólo como houdini
Oh, la, la
Ejecutar en el hombre, a continuación, apriete
Easy peasy squeezy
Hablando loco hasta que me ves
Aye, Aye, Aye
Traer esa ting y yo juego con jóvenes

I necesidad alguna de hablar
Pero ella me hacen chat
Yo haría cualquier cosa sólo para que pudieran agregar que
Me ve, estoy haciendo lo mejor
Ella descansando en mi suéter
Gente, yo no puedo confiar en ellos como el clima [Chorus: Swarmz & Tion Wayne]
Oh, na, nah, you don’t wanna ramp with me
Oh, la, la, run up on man, then squeeze
Easy peasy squeezy
Talkin’ bad until you see me (Come on, come on)
Make man, just like Houdini (Yeah)

[Verse 2: Tion Wayne]
T Wayne from the 9
She does a likkle tweet, tweet and a little snap, snap
Preeing up her Insta’, all I do is tap, tap (Come on, come on)
I ain’t into talking, but she make me chat-chat (Ayy)
Man would do anything, just so they could have that
See me, I do it better (Ayy), she flexin’ in my sweater (Sweater)
People, I can’t trust them like the weather
Face Riri, got a body like she Mennah (Mennah)
Money on a B-day (Ayy), I don’t do no letter
Love to spend grands (Money)
Got one young G, all he know is bang (Boom)
Uptown function, but I’m with gang (Ayy)
All these broke yutes gassin’ up ‘Gram (Bang)
Make no paper actin’ on cam
Love a real deal, not a lie (Lie)
I said “Let’s have a dinner date in Dubai”
Girl bust it down, look up like July (Ayy)
Got girl at the table, meet KSI (KSI)

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  • September 16, 2020 at 4:30 am

    I am normally a linguistics learner, but I love what a detailed guide you made here today. You could learn alot from this. Very Polished guide.


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