j’avais juste envie d’écrire damso lyrics in english

j’avais juste envie d’écrire damso lyrics in english

Ha, ha, ha

verse ] I prefer you with a bullet in the head at least I won’t listen to you tell your story anymore life
A white collar doesn’t mean you’re a good guy: pedophiles hide behind the Eucharist
What I like about death is that it doesn’t lie: it sees something it does likes it, she takes and she does not make it
Bavе du toad reaching dove

The politicians ended up making the virus their campaign I
dream that I am Adam, that I fuck Eve in a paradise where the only sin is to eat a fruit
Millennia later, Elons,of Bezos end up imposing their prices

Make room for my rap it’s all right
I have the scores, flashing lights and sirens
If I fuck a bitch, am I cheating on you or not?
My soul is sincere but my body is unfaithful

I will give you a Life even on the verge of dying, my future has not foreseen any death, gang
I’m so far away that even the rumors have stopped, Dems
The voice of wisdom is mute, it speaks in sign language
I can make out a middle finger crossing a circle made of a thumb and index finger sticking together

I saw in your eyes what people call ” None “
A farewell to each” goodbye “
Sorry for the delay, I

The nostrils swollen by substance bringing back this feeling of being a whore who does not know what she is doing on the sidewalk
There is not enough gasoline in the tank to go to the end of your sorrows because they hide behind your mirror

Poetry, poetry, poetry, black hole


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