Je suis Marseille 13 Organisé lyrics English

Je suis Marseille 13 Organisé lyrics English

[Intro: Benoît Allemane & Fahar]
The school hung on a hillside overlooking a city three millennia old. When night fell, spreading her black veil over the city, her dress sparkled with thousands of orange lights. Open your eyes, you are in Marseille
We have zoned under the sun (bang, bang, bang)
You know us, made in Marseille (bang, bang, bang)

[Verse 1: Akhenaton]
I’m from the time when this city has known so much pain
Where his youth sent dreams in the veins
When the real ones with their fists brought their chrysanthemums
And that the grown-ups were walking around with irons in jackets (bang, bang, bang)

Phocée anchored in my DNA, tap and KTM
We make the world, sitting on the hood of the BM ‘
Stuck between contempt, pockets swollen with money
And the tasteless whores, the poufs that make their ass swell
I’m a child of cranes, containers
But consider that this little piece of land confederates us
We follow the path of the mic ‘from the Soli to Benza
IAM, MRS , independanza

[Verse 2: JuL]
I ‘m walking in an organized band, not there to sympathize
They didn’t believe in me, don’t worry, in the end, they realized
Drink no if you don’t know how to brew, don’t shoot if you don’t know to aim
I used to hang out in the neighborhood until late, I remember that mama was screaming on
Saturday evening electrified, it seems that it is going to go to the Old Port

Exit from a watered box, for a cat it wants to water
We pass in a convertible like bad boys but seeing our faces, Tchikita, she doesn’t want to talk
She knows that she can’t stand
It’s war like Savastano and Salvatore Conte
The little ones, they can’t read but don’t worry, they know how to drive and count
Settlement of account, all hooded like on the Isle of Beauty
Be careful, you can get a guy in the bar next door

[Verse 3: L’Algérino]
We say more “Versace”, we say “shirt at L’Algé ‘”
Cartier glasses, the kids have taken over the rrain-té Have
a shot at my health, these queers are doing that me hasser I change
my time zone, I go around the world, I’m jet-laggué
Marseille at night, it rolls like a car, brelique, it wants liquid
Wehed hypocrite, you wore the mask before COVID

It’s going too fast, even your friend betrays you, gusts you and offers condolences to your family (bang, bang, bang)
The little ones backwheeling on the Cannebière, take out the stolen cross
I saw the sea, I’ve seen too much of the sea, stop worrying, we won’t do business
You lend 20,000 eu ‘, not to yourepay, he is able to make you
We work with
night owls Hey yeah, L’Algé ‘d’la hut we go to bed late, we eat late
La kichta ou la pushka

[Verse 4: Alonzo]
Every day, I bide my time, the jnouns feed my fear
In class, I was a dreamer but my balls were my driving force
The address is Quartiers Nord, the traitors, it is the BAC North
The breach, it is the gold disc and the rest, it’s a mess, and yeah
Amore mio, Marseille, it’s become Rio, ah

I have my hands in the khra since my Clio, my friend
I’m getting sick vegan, I only smoke the salad boxes
Need some adjustment, zebi, to bir the kalash, JuL
It’s normal, IAM, it’s normal, and Luch ‘
It’s normal, Psy 4, it’s normal SCH
It’s normal, L’Algé ‘, it’s normal, Fahar
It’s normal, Alonz’, yeah, it’s normal, zin (bang, bang, bang)

[Chorus: Fahar]
I’m Marseille, flag hoisted like in Heat, it will shoot, we spread, there is no remedy
It’s the 13’Organized, the legalized product and yeah, from my city, I’m fell in love with her
We zoned under the sun (bang, bang, bang)
You know us, made in Marseille (bang, bang, bang)

[Verse 5: Shurik’n]
March all blows go, city judged guilty
Ce rap, it’s the valve (yeah), Notre-Dame keeps us
We don’t talk about quotas, incredible diversity
Especially no missteps, 10 thousand mc’s at the table
Reread the contract well, we won’t go back to the barn
Check the compass, we see that our faces on the map

And if we give what we have, so thatour people cheer us
It’s because Mars’ is a weapon, put us that fucking bullet
And that she that rules our souls, the backdrop of our lives
Go ahead, call us savage, a mother knows her cubs (yeah)
The more it will come, the more there will be on the forecourt
You know what they say: brandished coat of arms, it’s gone again

[Verse 6: Fahar]
Yo, 1.3, we do it again, I’m Marseille, the real ones know
“Tchiki-paw”, 13.0.13, crime is dirty
message for the brave, the metal for trav ‘
A gust for poucaves and puta
Old school, new school, you thought what?
it’s not moving, we wants to take everything, even if it means making you dance zumba (bang, bang, bang)

In our halls, we aim for the top, not the choice, it’s normal It has to come in
as if it was the last meal
It’s the North districts, South districts, tight, yeah, yeah
I don’t shaved the walls, I scratched them, eh
They want more love, they want your credit card , yeah
Yeah, our streets remain a nightmare, even awake

[Bridge: SCH & Le Rat Luciano ]
You know how we do
You know how we are
You know how we know

[Verse 7: SCH]
Soaked in aluminum
When it gets bad, and the drug addicts under Rohypnol
We want to raise the cut, the opinel between two ribs
Blood on the sweatshirts, heels, prostheses, the cash register it comes out only tchok
I would never really nichen
Rich in heart and rich, you would do everything, but the balls are there to anyone who digests them
I’m not going to die of old age, flash in front of the power supply ‘
It’s all for the fridge or it’s all for the show off

[Verse 8: The Rat Luciano & SCH ]
I arrive like a [?] On puta madre malpolie
So many flaky ones that one would think oneself in
Frankish Lapland from the Tony collar, self-managing like in Napoli
Little air of guigui, polopopop in agony

I am Marseille, criminogen, the great city of dreams
I am the love between the kheys, I am the war between the remains
No one halo, 1.3 puts you in the stick
But something ole ole, 1.3 of will put hat trick
S quarters, N quarters do not turn in the same direction as the globe

That forward right, always in the same direction as the Glock
Who betrays the pact will end as the ‘Pac
Life separates and the rap gathers crowds like the Pope (bang, bang,bang)

[Chorus: Fahar]
I’m Marseille, flag hoisted as in Heat, it will shoot, we spread, there is no remedy
It’s the 13’Organized, the legalized product and yeah, from my city, I fell in love with her
We zoned under the sun (bang, bang, bang)
You know us, made in Marseille (bang, bang, bang)

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