kala kal motive lyrics english

OsmanCello )

[Chorus] My
moments were spent trying to understand you I
still couldn’t fit into a city (Still) I’m stuck with darkness tonight
I ‘m stuck with darkness tonight I’m stuck with darkness

I couldn’t be sure, I’m not even sure, I’m missing from everywhere. This drip
warbler, I
a bad eye . You turn into a pumpkin at 12 o’clock

You always used to say to me, “Stop out of danger.”
I didn’t carry even though I was a

I couldn’t stop, far from the worst danger
You didn’t mention you When the biggest danger is you A
blind person, you are using your anger against your city If
you are putting up with the truth, for your information
, you don’t expect to hear the truth in a liar after a while

[Bridge] My
minutes were spent trying to understand you I still could
n’t fit in a lifetime I’m stuck with darkness tonight
I ‘m stuck with darkness tonight ‘ I could n’t fit in my life ( Still ) Tonight is dark


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