khontkar lil sam lyrics english

[Verse: Khontkar] I will not go in a
row and I will never go to Damascus If I will
jump right from the roof If

you get rid of the culture, you are your culture Candlestick Your
voice will be cut off, you will be silent candlestick
Look how hee turn me on

Google Remind me to No1 in Gürçeş ‘man

He said “what your opinion ? I did a shitty project called 808 “
I said” Really shit like work “There in the

Cassette He stuck the cassette on these trips
I don’t have any information on how many of you
go to len procession Come on together for the second spring honeymoon When you
run away, your head again but don’t call me

Let’s talk a little
Tell the facts why phones are blocked.

You’ve seen you recently in our Hamdi
On it of course RedKey outfiti

Gelmiş neighborhood, our father entrusted
Dione again to “my girlfriend this jerk was swearing”
“Who said these fuckers zibid of his girlfriend”
“Zeynep” said came to me laughing the instant bi

Taşağı my antenna, you’re talking about my brother,
his head has the packaging of your particular metanfetam
They said “energy to talk to you master phone whether “

” I’m not your son, but I’ll be your father, “said lord

pray I love my friends you ass tulip
BI slap my looks strain bearing dear brother of
it, months before

he Zeyer” Damascus, would do what I say? “
I said “Zey, you are a huge individual. Be
careful, but these are a set of squabs .”

It is obvious that our little zibidi

Head does not exist so he can solve it.
You manipulate the work Look left
you Es ANCA such Where regular work you

to mimic Betrayed Fuck head regret IgE in the
“Mix” diyolar me stay mixs guy does xiren you
just IGA what you saw my son

would stutter on the phone all
occasional harassment would Sansica of
all registration me duruyo what cases to entered did
all how tensed

in your hand pouring water my son peed on yourself or
on the street do not have much brother brothers loaded
shoulder of course shoulder everywhere I viral’m
you vitaminsiz

his ears open and listen to
you hopscotch playing I freestyler always stood for Kunta Kinte
Fuck me make culture 3 square meters
Fuck on me to neighborhood I came unarmed to gangstalıg

Sticks on it semtex
Not this east-west synthesis
Arabesque with you loose
Harbiden man all your team renegade

crispy crisp
Done one by one Give up
RedKey rip gang gang No
matter place does

n’t matter Doesn’t matter to me after this hour
Address is here, come on, come on, come on,
you have everywhere full kolpa

One on one Look at me, I
‘m not a puppet, I ‘m not the Joker, I’m Count on the street masta The
address is everywhere, let’s push my door


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