Kidd Keo – NUDE Lyrics English

Kidd Keo – NUDE Lyrics English

Yeah, Keo
Girl, I know what’s up ( DaamnCG )
Me, look [Chorus]
Baby, come closer to me
Don’t think and do me
Tell me what’s on your mind
Babe is not talking to me Girl
, yeah, I know what ‘s up

[Verse 1]
Weekend with me and she going crazy
Maserati and beach for the month of April
Lamborghini Uru’ and let’s go skiing
And I have plenty of reasons to be happy
But I don’t want any bitches ridin’ round my dick
I just want to be with you, Mommy, come here

Give me a heat from that other one that makes me feel
Give me a kiss from that mouth that tastes like me, yeah
I’m in love with all your body and a lotta money
I’m spending all the trappy stuff with your ass
Rich guy, Of course, bitches talk about me I
always wear all black with you in cap
Baby do you want this side or the other here?
Every time I talk in Spanish, bitches call me “papi”

When I see you fully naked I think I ‘m
so lucky in the blunt I get lost if she passes by, mommy, you’re a hottie Trappin’ ain’t dead, baddie and sex your ass even if you don’t believe it, yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah

I’m done with these bitches, I can’t fuck with all these bitches
I’m done with these bitches, I can’t fuck with all these bitches
Done with these bitches, I can’t trust in these bitches
I’m done with these bitches, I can’t trust, I can’t trust

[Verse 2]
I want to see more, I already left the corner
I want to smoke alone with you on top
I make it rain, baby, I change the weather
Life it ain’t hard, make money and relax
I got money, I don’t care
Baby, I want to see

you I pick you up, tell me what we’re going to do
Going out dinner, shop in Moncler
Dope, I’m moving dope
Love you, fuck you like a ho
Tell her “Close the door”
The neighbors be watching it all
I want to do it to you I want to do it to you ,
ask me yeah Girl, come closer to me Come closer to me, yeah-yeah-yeah Keo

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