Kunteper Şehinşah Lyrics English

Gezer on the beat [Verse 1]
offense consider them
excellent conduct did you
execute all event of a submersion career
Upgrade the crawled

to Brutus I trust
the lot is not an

all laugh in the face
they would hate to envy

you what’s up Dumbuya on?
Forgive Me grows
propelled it ürüdük by
izdüşümü me
a little smile, please

login face in the roses

Arin possible yesterday
or worry unequivocally
Make You heck exit by rail from
underneath the lights
are whispering about me
Haters mouth

Kuk, such as a stutter step is short,
Shah aware of any halt

in front of me Release
Gravel does not snatch the
lower C by me or
stock has respect for the

Soulless judges judge will think to
poor women perception of life whips to
see now that you do
remove the head

of the pineapple Give a crisis of the Father but from
the bottom of the mediocre empty shell extortion possible
with damages meaning to the presence of Qatar
can not refuse is so much God
established on me all those lifeless

I was under Zana
Or remove or ignore
beside a bucket of shit
No longer she blithely
it is not ours to
our relationship Convention not

let me go back to Oz Show
see with your eyes baby (hehe)

Rotary trauma to everything that tantrums
Quoted in der die mAsIndAnsA dies best thing
is not new rather than where to place
my place now see a window you out
Adopts I think the fact that

I come up with the evidence back to
the world’s best, no bi ‘congratulating the
exception exception indescribable exception
Income ha, I tillah first exception to şahits
I drank the Universe I hit I knees how many planets I vomited Go count
an exception did not come yet
to come according to my blood in

The train ministers oxen I see between
straight’re an ass
if I laugh my ass mad at you
the story of money gIRL to
cry with envy blubber
Let’s you understand ha bide telling my regiment
to withstand case you rotate Fair in

Connecting yapamayınca multiple head Tasca
Auto-tune’siz guy, so barking
Stay cry drop flow like a bitch

pocket our barley
chasing our brands
with Geçinirk money
disagreeable men

Revenue create our best
not to fight in your hand
Data is the place to decide Shah
Amir administered, they do

Dependency My seized me

Malcolm X snowbird was like his days are over
Now the power has changed, my guise is good?
Fuck your rank if you’re not from my union

One of us is all a whisper Cut your little
thing open it

Justexpress theshit insideyou Wipeout
You all go
I’m writing and here (Hafız!)
You will provoke spent
will endure Outraged You
did ad nauseam that you love reign

Kunteper the third time
will be flat
non-Doy insisted the
Truffle’s enough for all single

Kunteper the third time
will be flat
non-Doy insisted the
Truffle’s enough for all of you tek
Zın Zın Zın Zın Zın Zın
Zın Zın Zın Zın Zın
Zın Zın Zın
Zın Zın Zın Zın Zın Zın

Gezer on the beat

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