lancuch i kiosk taco hemingway lyrics english

lancuch i kiosk taco hemingway lyrics english


[Intro: Taco Hemingway & Tomasz Knapik ]
They are rude because this …
I’m rude because this …
You’re being mean because it’s … a chain
Then society is mean because it’s … a chain

Chain, part one: Kiosk

[Verse 1: Taco Hemingway]
The young man stands at the kiosk
The kiosk was situated at the station
Graffiti blade in the sun covers a rotten greenish body
I will tell you gentlemen, ladies
About how to start chain events
Be it in Warsaw, Wrocław or Gdańsk

The butterfly effect in a fast-paced dance
(You have maybe today) Answer: I don’t
The kiosk is fed up with this generation
He had a bad experience with the old job
The student leaves because there is a job waiting in the basement
That scolding first thing in the morning
Why did the kiosk throw me on the altar?
Oh, that wicked Poland, tremble customers of the Oskar chain
One minute after the second, the enraged student refills the ketchup bottles
Suddenly, the cursed customer starts harassing him – is there gluten in this bun?
On it that sly smile, the kind that the ear likes to combine with the ear
She stares with her eyes, telling her straight that the salad would rather handle this belly
She goes off with a bang, Karma Police, OK Computer humming
Suddenly craving for water, Uber soon arrives at Carrefour
Three and a half stars? But he was close, a bit ashamed she was sipping clean
And although she claims not to be racist, she doesn’t trust these Sashas, ​​she doesn’t trust the Dimitras
[Outro: Artur Rojek]
Look at my face, it’s like a stone
Mean something to you, mean nothing to me
I feel disgust, I hurt you again
Hate is blind – it will stay that way

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