le mie parole bersani lyrics english


My words are stones
Precise and sharp ready to be thrown on vulnerable and defenseless faces;
They are suspended clouds, swollen with implications
That ignite infinite expectations in the eyes;
They are precious drops , unforgotten
Long spasmed, then sipped;
They are fiery arrows that the wind and fortune know how to dehydrate;

They are fallen leaves, due promises
May time forgive you for pronouncing them;
They are out of tune notes
On a sheet of paper that happened by mistake, traced and then forget
The words I have said, or thought I said,

I admit
Squeezed between the teeth, past and recurring
Unexpected, heard or dreamed
My words are somersaults, snowballs in the sun
They are toys and mosquitoes, sand to pile up
Small prohibitions to disobey;

surpri if from a deep pain that I can’t explain
They do as they like, they get lost in the dark and then come back;
They are inteminate nights, bursts of laughter
Faces overexposed for too much sun;
These are the words, sweet or rancorous
Respectful or indecent;

I am my father and my mother
One kiss each before sleep, another before leaving;
The words I have said and who knows how many still have to come
Imagine, hear or dream
Slashing swords
In the dark you

Forgive, blow from a palm

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