l’immortale lacrim lyrics english

AWA the mafia, my nigga

[Single verse]
We suffered so much, we dreamed so much, I have the green flag, my heart is sealed
On n are not rich, us, we have just broken up, I became a capo because I made my place
You don’t know what it is to make love with death, boxes from Morocco, we put them to death

Honey, get on board in the Aventador, [?] don’t kill, we’re already stronger
Basically, I’m too nice, that’s why I say “yes”, I’m afraid , I listen, at the slightest doubt, I run away
You think that real life, homie, is to make noise, yeah, youare with your fat bitch in a nightclub

The beautiful things are hidden by all that shines, little by little, I move away from all that harms
Nothing to give a fuck to have my rate more than him, bastard, the money-money, I am bé-tom because of him
Wait for them to be caught, in the face of my charisma, they did not hold the shock

They do not have the codes, me, I started very early, I screwed my growth because of the bédo
I’m never going to let go for a pair of nipples, I rubbed my mouth with the dust of the concrete
They close behind me when I go to Louis Vuitton, the Patek bracelet in python

I love you and I know that you would sell for ten liters, I have a titanium heart, the whole scene ‘is bogus
Blue eyes from the gyros, yeah, she got a fucking big ass like J.Lo, yeah
Cell, heat wave, fan, I would like to be immortal like Ciro, yeah

They will have me with feelings, I would like to be immortal like Ciro
Ciro, Ciro, we arrive in the Viano, tinted windows, andiamo, mamma, ti amo
You wanted to make me your angelo, diventato un diavolo

RS, four rings, very paranoid, I’m afraid of Tony, afraid of Manolo
I don’t know who to trust anymore, who wants to do me a job? A little confidence and you take two in the mustache, eh

We are too hungry and we become super dangerous when our families are lacking love
Don’t touch my bread, I’m not doing very well, I ‘Go do a fucking joke, don’t play, homie

Life is very hard, it’s not the lot, for the bag,
Per i soldi, possiamo fare tutto, nei quartieri vedi tutto

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